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Piece of Iberico Ham 500 gr.

500 gr
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Piece of Iberico Ham: a practical product at an extraordinary price

The piece of Iberico cebo ham has been cured for 24 months. This piece of Iberian ham has that characteristic Iberico cebo ham from Castilla y León taste, especially from Segovia, where Eresma, professionals of the Iberian sector, is located.

If you are looking for cheap Iberian ham, you should consider buying this Spanish product since this piece of Iberico ham is of excellent quality and you will not need to buy a whole ham leg. It is easy to slice as the piece is boneless and peeled.

What is Piece of Iberico Cebo Ham?

This piece of Iberico Cebo ham is the perfect product for those people who love ham but do not want to have a whole ham leg in their kitchen. It is a boneless mace of cebo ham, that is, it has no bone. Therefore, slicing will be very easy and simple. You only need a slicer or a ham knife

Characteristics of the Piece of Iberico Cebo Ham

Mainly it is worth mentioning that our Iberian cebo ham comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs, bred in captivity. Both the care, as well as the elaboration and production process are carried out in Eresma and the ham has been recognised as Best Iberian Cebo Ham of Segovia for several years. 

  1. It weighs 500 gr. It is also available in 1kg format.
  2. It is cured for a minimum of 24 months. 
  3. It is the part of the whole ham that has more meat.
  4. It is completely boneless. 
  5. Vacuum-packed.
  6. It has Tierra de Sabor seal, a Guarantee Mark of Castilla y León. 

Buy this 500 gr. Piece of Iberico Cebo Ham and enjoy it from any European city 

Would you like to be the envy of your friends? Thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can do it!

Everyone likes ham, however, buying it outside of Spain is almost an impossible mission. The great Iberian ham catalogue that we offer will save you a lot of trouble. We even offer FREE shipping all over Europe. 

Buy a 500 gr. piece of Iberico cebo ham at an incredible price, slice it to your liking and taste this Spanish pleasure at any time of the day. It is a safe bet!

*The price is indicated per piece (weight may vary)

500 gr. net weight (approx.)

mace format (thickest part of the ham)



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Data sheet

500 gr
Iberian bait ham, Salt, Sugar, Preservatives (E-252, E-250), Acidity Corrector E-331 (iii), Antioxidant E-301.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
500 gr

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Piece of Iberico Ham 500 gr.