Pasiega Cheesecake

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A dessert that cheats, it's made of curd instead of cheese.

The Pasiega Cheesecake is a typical dessert from the region of Cantabria. The soft and balanced taste and the subtle sweetness transmit the long tradition of this cake.

450 gr.
box, vacuum packed

Our Pasiega Cheesecake is named Pasiega because it has its origin in the Pasiega valleys of the region of Cantabria. It is a traditional sweet with a nice, tasty and balanced flavour.

The Pasiega Cheesecake is traditionally made with curd. With the golden surface and the soft, pudding like texture it is an authentic delicacy. The cinnamon and lemon add the perfect touch to the soft taste and the subtle sweetness.

Our Pasiega Cheesecake is with no doubt a great dessert. Try it and you are going to love it.

450 gr.
box, vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: curd, eggs, sugar, butter, wheat flour, leaving agents (sodium bicarbonate, calcium sulphate, disodium diphosphate), cinnamon, lemon, salt, preservatives (E-202)
  • Allergens: contains gluten, eggs and/or derivatives, lactose

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