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ColaCao Sachets Pack 6

108 gr.
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Buying ColaCao Sachets pack 6

If you are a ColaCao lover and you like to ration your consumption, ColaCao Sachets pack 6 is perfect for you. In addition, since they are 6 individual sachets you can bring them with you on a trip or even to your job to make a good cup of milk with ColaCao and recharge your batteries.

Get it from Gastronomic Spain and we will send it to any European city, with no shipping charges and queues. Straight to your house and at a cheap price.

Format: Original ColaCao Sachets pack 6

ColaCao Sachets pack 6 units is perfect for those who love soluble cocoa and want to take it everywhere. The 6 ColaCao Sachets, natural cocoa is hand-picked and sun-dried.

ColaCao Sachets Pack 6 ingredients: 

Sugar, fat-free natural cocoa (22%), kola-malted cereal cream (wheat flour, barley malt extract, natural flavor: kola nut extract), mineral salts (calcium, phosphorus), flavorings, salt.

How to make the perfecto ColaCao Sachet?

Since our ColaCao Sachets comes prepared, it’s really easy to enjoy this delicious powered cocoa typical from Spain:

1. Choose your cup (better if it is high)

2. Pour the milk

3. Heat the milk to taste

4. Pour the ColaCao Sachet in the cup of milk

5. Stir the mix until obtaining the desired result (with the amount of lumps you like)

6 sachets

108 grams net weight (18gr x 6ud)

format: box


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Data sheet

108 gr.
Sugar, natural defatted cocoa (22%), kola-malted cereal cream (wheat flour, barley malt extract, natural flavouring: cola nut extract), mineral salts (calcium, phosphorus), flavourings, salt.
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vacuum packed / carton box
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ColaCao Sachets Pack 6