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390 gr
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Buy braised oxtail at a good price

Our “rabo de toro” is an Andalusian dish where the distinctive flavours of the meat and vegetables perfectly melt together. A tasty dish that is slow-cooked and prepared using premium products, so it could be challenging to prepare it at home and, more importantly, it takes a lot of time because it is a stew that acquires its flavour throughout the lengthy cooking process. If you enjoy this style of slow-cooked food, we suggest buying braised oxtail from our online store.

We provide a variety of home-cooked stews and casseroles, including pig’s trotters in sauce and pig’s ears, which are prepared by local companies that respect the original recipes and prepare these dishes slowly and with great care. Moreover, you may choose from more than 1,500 Spanish products which are delivered for free anywhere in Europe.

Bull’s tail stew characteristics

The family-run company Polgri in Albacete produces the stewed oxtail. They make it in preserves, so it is already cooked and simply needs to be heated before serving. It is packaged in a 390g size.

“Casquería” (known as well as offal) is a term used to describe products like oxtail that are used as supplemental food. It is a dish that is only consumed in Spain and is very difficult to locate abroad, among other reasons due to the challenge of locating the raw ingredients needed for the recipe.

Above all, it is a tasty dish with a sauce that blends and enhances the flavours of the different ingredients it contains.

The traditional method is used to prepare oxtail stew. This dish perfectly combines vegetables and the great Andalusian flavour of the bull’s tail. The stew is 100% natural, with no added colourings or preservatives.

Ingredients of braised oxtail

Oxtail (40%), water, sunflower oil, white wine and sherry, onion, garlic, potato, carrot, peas, green beans, bay leaf, xanthan gum, salt, tomato, paprika and spices.

Enjoy “Rabo de Toro” in a quick and easy way. Simply reheat this tasty stew and enjoy a traditional ready meal.

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390 grs.


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390 gr
oxtail, water, sunflower oil, white wine, Jerez wine, onion, garlic, bay leaf, potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, xantana gum, salt, tomato, cayenne (piementon), spices
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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