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Pata Negra Pork Shoulder

4.5 kg.

Incredible Pata Negra Pok Shoulder at an unbeatable price and 100% Iberian breed

Buy Pata Negra Pok Shoulder and eat as if you lived in Spain. A black leg palette so that you can enjoy it the way you like it the most. Accompanied by a glass of wine, a cold beer or other appetizers such as typical Spanish mussels.

Our acorn-fed Iberico shoulder is 100% Iberian breed, that is, the best shoulder that we have at Gastronomic Spain. An excellent quality, with a minimum of 24 months of curing and, above all, at an unbeatable price.

Pata Negra Pok Shoulder, buy excellent 100% iberian shoulder with FREE shipping throughout Europe

Our Pata Negra Pok Shoulder is unique in terms of flavor and quality. It is one of the best products that we have at Gastronomic Spain and we want you to enjoy it from anywhere in Europe.

In addition to the exquisite pata negra palette, we also have other cheaper and very delicious palettes available, as well as different formats: in mace, sliced or whole leg.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and buy Spanish food at Gastronomic Spain. Thousands of products are eagerly waiting for you to make the best Spanish recipes in Europe. Remember that you have FREE shipping!

Characteristics of the Pata Negra Pork Shoulder

The 100% Iberian Pata Negra shoulder is of a superior quality and for this there are certain characteristics that give it these high qualities.

  1. Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is 100% Iberian breed. This means that the pig has lived in full freedom in the pastures of Sierra Morena, the nerve center of Iberian pigs in Andalusia. They remain free for 18 and 24 months.
  2. The 100% Iberian breed is also identified with the feeding of the pig, since it has been fed with acorns from the oaks of Iberico Coloryn.
  3. Iberico Coloryn are in charge of the care and breeding of these pigs, as well as of following the production process of the sausages.
  4. It has a minimum cure of 24 months. It is a completely handmade process and made individually to each piece.
  5. It should be noted that being a Pata Negra, it has the corresponding certification, the highest possible: black seal.

You will not find a palette equal to a better price. Don't be fooled by the brands and the number of "jotas" that a ham shoulder has. The most important thing is the certification and this palette has the highest certification of all.

Do you know how to cut a Pata Negra shoulder?

Unlike the Iberico ham, the Iberian or Serrana shoulder is more "bony" so the knife cut is more complicated.

If cutting ham is not your thing, cutting an acorn-fed Iberian shoulder with a knife is going to be more difficult. If that's the case, I encourage you to buy our Pata Negra palette in sliced format. Perfect and ready to be served.

Otherwise, if you are one of those who like to cut ham and have it present in your kitchen, we encourage you to visit our catalog of ham holders so that you can hold it perfectly.

You only have to buy this Pata Negra shoulder and you will surely be delighted. If you are interested in another type of palette, our offer is very wide. Choose to your liking.

4 / 4.5 kg. net weight (approximate)

whole leg

Ibericos Coloryn


Data sheet

4.5 kg.
According to de EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
taric code
black cloth sack
net weight
4.5 kg.
Ibericos Coloryn

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Pata Negra Pork Shoulder

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