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Alicante Nougat 1880 Premium

150 gr
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The Alicante Nougat 1880 Premium is a classic and traditional Christmas sweet. It is an excellent 1880 nougat with a crunchy texture and an exquisite taste of artisan production.

Alicante 1880 nougat, also known as hard nougat, is made with whole and selected peeled almonds (67%), orange blossom honey of Spain origin and egg white. Alicante Nougat 1880 is an essential dessert during Christmas lunches and dinners, it is of a premium character with the respective Denomination of Origin and it is a gluten-free nougat.

What is it and characteristics of Alicante Nougat 1880 Premium

If we associate Christmas with something, it is undoubtedly the Alicante nougat, specifically the Alicante nougat 1880 Premium. This type of nougat is essential in Spanish homes when this time of year approaches. Like Jijona nougat, chocolate nougat or toasted yolk nougat, Alicante nougat has become one of the most excellent Christmas sweets.

Alicante nougat 1880 is a type of hard nougat with a premium character, that is, it is characterized by being of supreme quality and is protected by the Alicante Designation of Origin, the original province of Spanish nougat.

Being a hard nougat, Alicante 1880 nougat is made with peeled, whole and selected almonds (67%), orange blossom honey of Spanish origin and egg white.

In addition to standing out for its whole almonds, Alicante 1880 nougat is covered by two layers of wafer, one upper and one lower.

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Why is it called Alicante nougat 1880 Denomination of Origin?

In order for turrón 1880 to be considered a Denomination of Origin Alicante, it must follow a strict production process. For example, Alicante 1880 nougat must contain a minimum of 60% almond to be considered DO.

Alicante nougat 1880 Premium ingredients

Roasted whole almonds (67%), honey (15%), glucose syrup, fructose syrup, sugar and egg white. Coated wafer (potato starch, refined sunflower oil). May contain traces of pistachio, peanut and hazelnut.

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150 gr. net weight

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turrones 1880


Data sheet

150 gr
toasted almond, sugar, honey, glucose syrup, egg white, wafers: potato starch, sunflower oil
contains nuts, eggs
vacuum packed / carton box
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Alicante Nougat 1880 Premium