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El Pozo Serrano Ham

7,5 kg
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If you are willing to buy an inexpensive Serrano ham and do not want it to be a roll of the dice, I strongly recommend you El Pozo Serrano Ham. An exquisite ham with a curing time of approximately 11 months coming to you from the hands of the renowned El Pozo brand, the preferred one among the Spaniards.

In Gastronomic Spain you will be able to buy El Pozo Serrano Ham from anywhere from Europe, as well as many other Spanish typical products. What are you waiting for to discover a new gastronomic paradise?

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There is a low number of Serrano hams of which their names mean quality. El Pozo Serrano Ham is one of them.

A ham with proper curing time and a good price-quality ratio. A cured ham which is definitely a safe bet. So if you are in search of a delicious serrano ham with no frills, you will certainly hit the bull’s eye with this El Pozo ham.

However, if you are willing to try a different type of Serrano ham, Gastronomic Spain is your cheap hams store. You can find it in all kinds and forms: sliced ham, ham cushion and bone-in ham legs. Check it out yourself!

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El Pozo Serrano Ham, a highly regarded Spanish ham

El Pozo is one of the most consumed food brands in Spain. With over 69 years of history, it is the pioneer in healthy eating, as well as in fresh meat and processed and cured products, just like our El Pozo Selección Ham.

This is a Serrano ham with an excellent meat-fat ratio, which makes it succulent and pleasant to taste. It weighs around 7.5 kg., which means it is a perfectly cured cellar ham. Just by opening it you will be able to notice its great look, aroma, and delicious taste.

Do not hesitate and buy El Pozo Selección Ham, a Serrano ham perfect to share with your family and friends.

7.5 kg. net weight (approximate)

Serrano ham leg

El Pozo


Data sheet

7,5 kg
Jamón serrano, sal, conservantes E-250 y E-252
no contiene alérgenos
black cloth sack
taric code
net weight
7.500 gr
El pozo

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El Pozo Serrano Ham