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Spanish Fuet Espetec

170 gr
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Buy Spanish fuet Espetec Catalan, the one which never reaches the table

Spanish Fuet Espetec Catalan is one of the cold meats which is most demanded by customers. Rich and tasty, it does not disappoint. 100% Iberian meat.

Buying Fuet Espetec Online

Fuet Espetec is famous all around the world. It is an emblematic cold meat from Catalonia and very popular for its pleasant taste. The truth is that Fuet is one of the most popular cold meats in Spain. It is perfect to eat at any time of the day. Because of its characteristics and its fast expiration date, it is a cold meat that is difficult to find abroad.

Fuet Espetec Characteristics

Fuet Espetec is characterised by being a cold meat with a thickness of 2 to 3 cm. it is about 30 cm long and medium cured, which makes it a slightly tender sausage. It has a weight of 160 - 180 gr.

One of the main features of this cold meat is its white skin. It is due to the humidity used for its curation, which makes mould to grow. Ideally, it is best eaten with the skin on, although many consumers prefer to peel it.

It comes in a perforated bag, as it is a cold meat that needs to breath. For this reason it cannot be vacuum packed.
Fuet Espetec is a cold meat that is liked, it is not cooked, it is eaten as it is, in thin slices cut with a knife, a bit of bread and that’s it.

Fuet Espetec Ingredients

Our Fuet Espetec is made from pork in the traditional way. When cut, it is dark red in colour with fine white streaks. Fuet Espetec has a characteristic and rich taste from thi traditional Catalan cold meat. Catalan Fuet.

Fuet Espetec is similar to the salchichon salami but much thinner in appearance and with that white layer that it acquires by drying in a humid and warm place. That white layer, the skin, is made from natural casing, which means that you can eat it without a problem, to each his own.

Gastronomic Spain is your Spanish cold meats shop, if this is not the Fuet you are looking for, we can offer you a wide variety of longaniza salami, fuet and salchichon salami. You can check it out here.

Enjoy Fuet Espetec as a snack or appetizer and you will see how it flies.

Whole piece of Fuet Espetec

170 gr. approximately


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Data sheet

170 gr
Pork, lactose, salt, dextrose, spices, beetroot concentrate, potassium chloride, garlic, preservatives (potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite), lactic ferments, natural pig casing.
Lactose. May contain traces of other milk derivatives

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Spanish Fuet Espetec

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