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Luengo Dry Pardina Lentils

500 gr.
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What are the Luengo Dry Pardina Lentils?

The pardina lentils (lentejas pardina) are a variety from the legumes’ family. It is also known as Franciscan lentil and is common to use it in various stews and soups.

Normally, it is drained from its collecting with the aim of extending its conservation for some months.

The pardina lentils have some unique characteristics:

  • Brown color skin.
  • Their size fluctuates between 3.5 and 4.5 mm. of diameter.
  • This small size makes a large soaking time not necessary. A no soaking time is also possible.
  • It is a dry lentil packed in a hermetic atmosphere of 500 gr.

Moreover, is important to highlight that our pardina lentils are produced by Legumbres Luengo, a national and internationally highly regarded company for the production of diverse great-quality legumes.

Pardina lentils cooking time (Lentejas Luengo Pardina)

The cooking time employed with the Luengo pardina lentils will depend on two factors:

Normal Cooking:

  • Hard water: From 1h. and 30 min. to 2h. and 30 min.
  • Soft water: From 1h. to 1h. and 45 min.

Express Cooking:

  • Hard water: From 25 min. to 60 min.
  • Soft water: From 20 min. to 55 min.

*No soaking time needed in any of the cases.

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500 gr. net weight

Packed in hermetic atmosphere

Legumbres Luengo

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500 gr.
May contain traces of gluten.
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Luengo Dry Pardina Lentils