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Dry Garrofon Beans

125 gr
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Dry Garrofon Beans at a great prize

Our Dry Garrofon Bean is a type of bean which is big. It is dry and is of the highest quality. It is also known as ample common bean, due to its big and flat form. This legume has different culinary uses, but in Spain it is an essential ingredient for the Valencian paella.

The Dry Garrofon Bean you can find in Gastronomic Spain is perfect for your paellas or for any other recipe. It is easy to cook, delicious and sold at a great price.

What are the Dry Garrofon Beans?

The Dry Garrofon Bean is a type of big bean of excellent quality. It is also known as bean or common bean, as it is a bigger legume when compared to the rest. It is characterised by its flat, ovate — not very dished — form and by its white colour; its taste is mild and exquisite.

Our Dry Garrofon Bean is dry; thus, it requires a previous preparation to its use.

Dry Garrofon Bean: origin

The Dry Garrofon Bean belongs to the family of the legumes and, commonly, it is grown in the Valencian Community. Consequently, it is one of the essential ingredients for the Valencian paella.

It is a nutritious and tasty product that is easily grown in those places where the summers are long and hot, like those of “la terreta” (Valencia).

However, the Dry Garrofon Bean can be traced back to two hundred years in some oriental cultures, when they were cultivated by Mexican and Peruvian civilizations.

Dry Garrofon Bean preparation

As it is a dry legum, the Dry Garrofon Bean must remain soaking for, at least, 24hs. In this way, it will then be ready to be added to the paella or to your chosen recipe.

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125 gr.

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125 gr
garrofon beans
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Dry Garrofon Beans