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Dry White Beans Luengo

500 gr.
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Dry White Beans Luengo

Dry White Beans Luengo are a type of shiny, elongated, straight, white beans. Is the most typical and popular variety when it comes to cooking beans.

Mild and tasty, that is what Dry White Beans Luengo are like. You can find them in our online shop Gastronomic Spain at a great price and with FREE shipping all over Europe.

What are Dry White Beans Luengo?

The beans are a type of legume that is called differently in each region of Spain. For example, in Asturias “fabes”, in Galicia “habas”, in La Rioja “caparrones”, in Navarre “calbotes”, in Extremadura “frijones” and in Leon “alubias”.  

Beans are mostly cultivated in South America and are considered one of the oldest foodstuffs.

They come from an herbaceous plant, with a pubescent stem when grown. From this plant derives a linear-oblong legume of about 10-15 by 1.5 cm, curved and swollen, and with seeds inside, normally of 2 cm, which are called white beans.

Our beans are dried, so they need to be soaked between 10 to 12 hours before its consumption. Legumbres Luego, selection, packaging and production managers of some of our legume products, recommend to soak them during the night before. 

Dry White Beans Luengo: its properties 

Dry White Beans Luengo are part of the premium products which have great benefits. These beans are low in calories and highly digestible: 

  1. Suitable for diabetics: as they have an influence on the metabolism of sugar.
  2. They reduce cholesterol by up to 20%.
  3. They benefit the skin: they are antioxidants and protect against ageing, including acne.
  4. They are good for kidney health: they prevent fluid retention and possible kidney ailments.

Dry White Beans Luengo (Alubias Secas Blancas) : time cooking 

The cooking time to be spent on Dry White Beans Luengo depends on two factors:

Normal Cooking:

  • Hard water: 2h to 2h 20 min.
  • Soft water: 1h to 1h 35 min.

Express Cooking:

  • Hard water: 30 min. to 45 min.
  • Soft water: 25 min. to 40 min.

An estimated pre-soaking time (10/12 hours) is necessary for consumption.

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Lengumbres Luengo 

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500 gr.
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Dry White Beans Luengo