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Iberico Chorizo Extra

350 gr
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Buy premium Chorizo Extra at the best price

The premium Chorizo Extra, which comes from Extremadura, is a horseshoe chorizo and a cold meat of the best quality. It is made with paprika from La Vera, where there is the optimum climate for its cure. It is an airy chorizo. It is not a fresh chorizo; it has to be fried. A fried sausage ideal to accompany fried eggs and potatoes.
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Our chorizo Ibérico is made with the best meat from the Iberico pig and with sweet Vera paprika. When it is cut, the typical orange colour and white streaks is visible. The know-how combined with the quality ingredients creates a chorizo extra with a balanced, rich and characteristic taste.

Enjoy our horseshoe Iberian Chorizo of cebo cut piece by piece. You can also fry it or use it as an ingredient to make a more elaborate dish.

Whole piece.

approx. 350 gr.


Iberico chorizo extra

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Data sheet

350 gr
Iberian pork meat and fat, salt, garlic, cayenne (pimenton) from la Vera, dextrin, sugar, antioxidants (E-301), preservatives (E-202, E-235, E-250)
contains soy and/or derivates, lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
350 gr

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Iberico Chorizo Extra