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Organic Mild Goat Cheese

400 gr
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Buying Organic Mild Goat Cheese

We introduce a goat's cheese made only with certified organic ingredients. Unlike cow's cheese and sheep's cheese, goat's cheese is rarer in the Spanish market. The cheese is produced by the Sierra Subbetica cheese factory under the brand name Sujaira. Like many of the cheeses we offer in our online shop, it is an author's cheese, with a short maturation period and in whole cheese format.

If you are a person who is conscious of healthy eating and who cares about the origin and nutrition of the products you buy, we recommend this organic goat cheese. You will be attracted by the good practices with which it is made, but above all you will fall in love with its flavour.

We encourage you to buy this delicious cheese, ideal for any time of the day, whether it is breakfast, sandwiches or even integrated in some recipes. It is a unique cheese, not only because it has been made with organic and natural products, but also because the Subbetica cheese factory is a family business that produces cheeses in an artisan way.

Organic Mild Goat Cheese ingredients

This delicious organic cheese is made with the following ingredients: Semi-cured goat's cheese, pressed paste and enzymatic coagulation with vegetable rennet, made with pasteurised organic milk.

It is a cheese that contains lactose. It is gluten-free, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Sujaira Organic Mild Goat Cheese characteristics

Los Balanchares cheese factory offers an organic cheese made with goat's milk from its own livestock. This cheese weighs 400 gr. and comes as a whole, with a diameter of about 13 cm and a height of about 4 cm. It is vacuum-packed with a thick seal, which prolongs its life.

Sujaira cheese is made from organic ingredients, has a natural rind which can be eaten. In fact, it has almost the same colour as the rest of the cheese. On the surface you can distinguish the mould marks since it is a pressed cheese. The colour of the rind is straw-white and the inside is an even lighter white. It has a firm texture, although the cheese paste is soft. In the mouth it has a smooth, pleasant taste, you can tell that it is made with pasteurised goat's milk. It is a delicate mouthful, the savor lasts a short time in the mouth and makes you want to eat more.

This artisan cheese is considered to be a country cheese, which means that the milk used to make this cheese comes only from the dairy's own livestock. Sujaira organic semi-cured cheese is a cheese that is cured for approximately 45 days. The cheese factory is located in the province of Cordoba, in the municipality of Zuheros. In this municipality are located both the cheese factory where the cheeses are made, as well as the pasture where goats and sheep live together.

Whole cheese made from organic goat’s milk

400 gr. weight

Los Balanchares brand



Data sheet

400 gr
Organic pasteurized goat's milk (from Spain), rennet, lactic ferments, calcium chloride and salt
Contains lactose
Craftsman Cheese

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Organic Mild Goat Cheese