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Revuelto Picante

200 g.
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Spicy nut cocktail

The Spicy Nut Cocktail is now available in the Gastronomic Spain online store. The spicy cocktail is the combination of different roasted, fried and dried nuts, such as: peeled peanuts, quicos and many more. But the spicy touch is what characterizes this nut cocktail.

The spicy cocktail is perfect for eating somthing between hours, in meetings with friends, while having dinner or in any bar terrace. Everyone likes our cocktail because it combines the best possible ingredients in a single container.

But if what you are really looking for another type of snack, or even a typical product of the Spanish gastronomy such as Iberian ham, Albariño wine or an appetizer from the sea, don’t hesitate to visit our home page to discover a whole world of gastronomic quality and with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

Spicy nuts cocktail ingredients:

The nut cocktail has a slightly spicy flavor. The ingredients are: soft peanuts, corn (tube), corn grits (balls), corn (sticks) and sunflower oil among others.

Spicy nut cocktail qualities:

This spicy nut cocktail is a very popular snack, perfect to accompany an aperitif or a cold drink in good weather. It’s a mixture of peanuts and corn along with corn fried in sunflower oil and seasoned with a spicy touch. It has a spicy flavor, but its spiciness isn’t excessive and it’s well tolerated.

This snack is produced by Copaval which belongs to the Albufera brand. It’s an assortment of toasted snacks, crunchy and with a slightly spicy but pleasant taste.

The Spicy Nut Cocktail is perfect for any occasion. When we get together with friends, beer always accompanies us, but the nut cocktail also. And if it’s spicy, even better.

The spicy nut cocktail is addictive, like pipas or lupins, also available at Gastronomic Spain. Buy the best spicy nut cocktail in Gastronomic Spain and enjoy the best vermouths with the best typical Spanish food.

* From Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping it in a cool and dry place, as well as to protect it from sunlight. Once opened, keep the product in an airtight container and consume preferably within 7 days.

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Spicy nut cocktail La Albufera

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Data sheet

200 g.
Corn, peanuts, sunflower oil, chickpeas, corn semolina, raisins, salt, sugar, aroma, rice flour, wheat flour, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate and disodium 5'ribonucleotids, smoke aroma, inactive yeast
Contains peanuts, gluten. May contain milk, soy and nuts

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Revuelto Picante