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Longaniza de Pascua

240 gr
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Longaniza de Pascua, instant consumption

Longaniza de Pascua comes from Valencian Community and it is a cured longaniza, elaborated with lean and melted pig fat and spices. It is stuffed in narrow casing and has the distinctive of quality CV.

These longanizas de Pascua usually have a drying process of approximately 15 days, showing a pinkish colour and a firm and meaty consistency.

Normally, longaniza de Pascua can be consumed all year round, but it is a tradition to consume it during Easter (Pascua), hence its peculiar name. A perfect afternoon snack for these days when you go to the countryside and fly your kite.

The longaniza de Pascua can never be wider than a finger and it is consumed, as we have said before, dry. That is, it doesn’t need to be cooked and it usually has a strong and characteristic scent, but a delicious taste.

It is perfect to eat between meals, like all our cold meats. Check our catalogue and enjoy the good Spanish quality food.

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5 units of Longaniza de Pascua

Approximately 240 g. Net weight

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Data sheet

240 gr
Iberian pork, bacon, salt, lactose, dextrose, starch, spices, preservatives (E-221, E-250), aroma, antioxidant (E-300, E-331), colourings (E-120)
Contains lactose, sulphites
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
240 gr

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Longaniza de Pascua