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Longaniza de Pascua

240 gr

Buy Easter sausage

We are providing you vacuum-packed longaniza de Pascua from Serrano brand. Among young people, it is really popular and goes well with bread.

At Gastronomic Spain, you can choose from a huge selection of sausages, including “longanizas” and “salchichones” from all throughout Spain. In addition, if you enjoy eating Easter sausage, you can also buy homemade longaniza de Pascua. It is a tasty and tempting type of cold meat that adapts to all circumstances: it is perfect for dinner or as a snack in between meals.

Longaniza de Pascua online characteristics

Traditional cold meats from Valencia and Aragon include longaniza de Pascua. It is a cured sausage, made with lean and chopped pork fat, spices, and is stuffed into very fine natural pork casing, from the narrowest part of the pig’s intestine.

They are presented vacuum-packed, 240-gr. of product and is made by Serrano brand, a renowned sausage producer. They are typically reddish in colour, firm, and fleshy in consistency after drying for around 15 days.

Visually, Easter sausages are stuffed into a very small, natural casing that is so thin that’s almost imperceptible. Its light brown colour blends with the fat mottling, from which it is made.

Despite having a slightly harder consistency on the outside due to its curing, the texture is soft on the inside. It is a product with a spicy and savoury taste that is typically consumed in bites. Although it can be simply peeled if preferred, the skin can be eaten.

Longanizas de Pascua are a star product due to their mild flavour and superior quality. Because, without a doubt, its flavour does not let even the most refined palette down.
It can typically be consumed year-round, but its unique name comes from the fact that it is typically consumed throughout the Easter holidays. A fantastic snack for kite-flying afternoons in the meadow.

The Easter sausage is eaten dry and shouldn’t be wider than a finger, as we’ve already explained. Cooking is not needed, and it typically has a strong, distinctive smell along with a good flavour.

Serrano Easter sausage ingredients:

Lean pork, fat, salt, lactose, milk protein, dextrose, spices, antioxidant (E-301), preservatives (E-250 and E-252), colouring (E-120). Contains lactose and soya may be present.

It is excellent for between-meal snacks, just like all of our cold meat products. Check out our catalogue and enjoy a good quality Spanish food.

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5 units (aprox. 240 gr.) of longaniza de Pascua


Data sheet

240 gr
Iberian pork, bacon, salt, lactose, dextrose, starch, spices, preservatives (E-221, E-250), aroma, antioxidant (E-300, E-331), colourings (E-120)
Contains lactose, sulphites
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
240 gr
No name mark

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Longaniza de Pascua