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Chickpeas with Chorizo and Bacon

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The chickpeas with chorizo and fat is a traditional dish of the Spanish gastronomy. A ready-prepared, canned, ready-to-serve and ready-to-eat stew. If you like the traditional Spanish food, but you do not have enough time to cook, we recommend that you buy these chickpeas with chorizo and fat.

Spanish cuisine is known for its Mediterranean diet and for its stews and casseroles. A kind of gastronomy that is difficult to prepare abroad, due to its difficulty in finding some ingredients. At Gastronomy Spain, we offer you not only a wide variety of spoon dishes, but also those ingredients that you need to prepare it.

This great spoon dish is elaborated in a traditional way with chickpeas, pork fat and chorizo. The chickpeas are tender and the meat and cold meat add the taste to this stew.

Taste our Chickpeas with Chorizo and Fat, the great village taste will convince you. In addition, it comes prepared at home and you only have to heat and enjoy it.

Characteristics of Chickpeas with Chorizo and Fat

The chickpeas with chorizo and fat is an already prepared dish, ready to be eaten. It comes tinned in a can of type RO 425. It has a net weight of 425 gr. This stew is made by the Sacesa company, under one of its own brands, La Fragua. It is carried out through one of the traditional receipts, through a sauté of chorizo and fat.

Visually, the soup of the chickpeas has a more liquid consistency, a dark red - brown color. Due to the paprika that the chorizo and tomato provide. It is a dish to be eaten with a spoon, heated in a casserole or in the microwave previously out of the can. Its weight is 425 gr, ideal for one’s person portion. It is a dish with a lot of taste, in which different textures are mixed, the harder consistency of the chickpeas, being contrasted with the tender texture of the tender salt fat. As well as the fried and boiled chorizo all covered by a soup which acts as a common thread between all the ingredients. The typical way to prepare it is over a low heat, although it is common to cook it in machinery that simulates an express cooker.

Ingredients of Chickpeas with Chorizo and Fat

The ingredients to prepare this dish are: chickpeas (50%), water, salt fat (4%) (pork fat), salt, spices, dextrose, antioxidant (E-301), chorizo (3%) (pork meat, paprika, salt, garlic, sugars, pork protein, vegetable fiber, aroma, spices), modified corn starch, condensed of tomato, salt and spices.


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