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Canned Natural Clams Dani

111 gr
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Buy natural canned Clams

The canned clams at our online store will be your best option for impressing your guests. They are perfect as an appetiser or as a side to a main dish like rice with clams. Simple and delicious.

White clams, water, and salt are the only ingredients in the high-quality Dani canned clams. To add a particular touch, you might sprinkle some lemon juice over them.

Don’t hesitate any longer and try our natural canned clams, delicious and exquisite. Easy to open and ready to eat.

Natural White Clams, a very traditional tapa in Spain.

Our natural white clams are from another planet. Because of their diminutive size and excellent marine flavour, they are a particularly well-liked seafood appetiser for the snack time.

Gastronomic Spain provides natural white clams that are of high quality, clean, and preserved in their original form. No preservatives nor colours were added. Perfect for any occasion.

It is a product that comes from molluscs, which are ideal, pure, and juicy. It is a culinary spectacle, but if you want to try this product in different dishes, don’t be afraid to make clams a la marinera style or rice with clams. You’ll succeed for sure!

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Natural white clams’ characteristics

One of Spain’s top manufacturers of canned fish and seasonings, Conservas Dani, is where we get our white clams. They are distinguished by:

- Whole clams without shell appearance of the variety: baby clams.

- Pleasant and fresh smell, free of atypical odours.

- Delightful and seaside flavour.

- Firm, consistent, and elastic texture.

During the first tides of fall are when these clams are collected since it’s when their size and flavour are at their best. They are individually canned without colouring or preservatives.

What’s in Dani’s canned clams?

White clams, water, and salt.

*Gastronomic Spain recommends that you preserve the clams in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated for no more than 24 hours.

Buy natural white clams from Conservas Dani

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Net weight: 111 gr.

Drained weight: 63 gr.

Format: canned / 1-unit

Conservas Dani

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111 gr
Baby clams, water and salt.
Contains Mollusc
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Conservas Dani

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Canned Natural Clams Dani