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Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas

110 g.
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Buy tinned Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas at an economic price

If you want to buy tinned Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas at an economic price, then, Gastronomic Spain is the shop you are looking for. It is one of the most special and popular Spanish sea snacks, and our mission is to bring them closer to all those people who live far away from the peninsula and would like to enjoy this delicacy. 

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Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas: their characteristics

The tinned cockles are a very typical product of the Spanish grastronomy. The most common way of consuming cockles is tinned natural, although it is also possible to make cockle recipes such as: cockles with garlic, steamed cockles or grilled cockles. 

Tinned cockles are a sea preserve that is never missing in any Spanish home. Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas are synonymous with quality and delicacy. A great snack to enjoy with a beer before Sunday lunch.  

They are shells belonging to the bivalve mollusc family. Cockles usually live buried in areas close to the coast.

Our natural cockles are fished in the Rías Gallegas, they are characterised by their large size and are canned in tins with between 20 and 30 pieces

They are cockles acquired from the most prestigious Galician fish markets. Undoubtedly, Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas are a classic of Spanish gastronomy to enjoy during your most special moments.

Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas by La Selecta

La Selecta is the distributing company of the food. They are gastronomic advisors and are distinguished primarily by the highest quality in all the canned products and services they offer. The quality is approved by the CEE, quality assurance in all the levels. 

*Gastronomic Spain recommends conserve Natural Cockles from Rías Gallegas in a cold and dry place. Once you open it, keep it in the frig and consume within 48 hours.

112 gr. net weight 

63 gr. drained weight

20/30 pieces


La Selecta 

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110 g.
Berberechos, agua y sal.
Puede contener trazas de pescados o moluscos.
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