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Cooked Morro

500 gr.
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What is the cooked morro?

The cooked morro (pork snout) is a food considered as offal, it is obtained from the face of the pig, this part of the pig is also called pork cheek. It is a very tender and juicy product that is usually eaten cooked at a low temperature or fried to give it a crunchy texture.

Buy online cooked morro

What a ‘morro’ we have. The truth is that it is delicious, and we offer it to you in a format that is very easy to prepare. How difficult is to find a good pork snout? We recommend you to buy Qalat’s chopped and cooked morro, it comes in a 500gr. Vacuum-packed format and previously cooked so that you only have to heat it up a little bit.

Cooked morro characteristics

We offer you a pork snout cleaned, pre-cooked and cut into small pieces so that all you have to do is give it the final touch of fire. An exceptional product, of the highest quality. This producto is previously cooked, although it is necessary to cook it before you eat it. It is usually fried in plenty of oil or grilled. Because it is already cooked, it is very easy and quick to prepare. It is a product with a high nutritional value.

This product is characterized by its crunchy texture on the outside and tender and soft on the inside. Unlike what it may seem, it does not have a chewy texture. Once cooked, the outside has a toasted colour, with light brown tones, and bubbles and a slight crust may appear on the skin. This product is vacuum-packed and weighs about 500 grams. It can be frozen if desired.

Cooked morro ingredients

The main ingredient used in this product are:

Pork snout, salt, sugars, preservatives E-252, E-250 and antioxidants E-300.

The pork snout does not contain any allergens. GLUTEN FREE, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Pork snout cooked in an artisan way:

Pork snout is one of those products that when it is offered to you for the first time you make an ugly face and express your doubts about eating it, but when you try it, you usually repeat. There are some great unknowns in traditional Spanish food and pork snout is one of them. Qalat is the company in charge of making this product, which is presented in a time-saving format so that you only need 5 minutes to cook it.

Our pork snout is an artisan product, elaborated as before and very difficult to find outside Spain. 500gr. net weight (approximately)

Vacuum packed



Data sheet

500 gr.
Pork snout, salt, sugars, preservatives E-252, E-250 and antioxidants E-300.

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Cooked Morro