Cookies Marbu Dorada

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The Marbu dorada are tender and sweet little biscuits. Enjoy your breakfast dipping our Biscuits into your coffee with milk.

800 gr.
packed in pairs
The Marbu dorada cookies are a tasty, tender and spongy sweet. This little biscuits are perfect to have as breakfast or as afternoon treat.
800 gr.
packed in pairs
  • Ingredients: Harina de trigo, azúcar, aceites vegetales de palma y girasol alto oleico, jarabe de glucosa y fructosa, suero de leche en polvo, gasificantes (bicarbonatos amónico y sódico), sal, aromas, antioxidantes (E 304, E 306), agente de tratamiento de la harina (metabisulfito sódico).
  • Allergens: Gluten, milk, eggs, soy

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