Sardines in Olive Oil

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How many?

Like canned sardines.

The Sardines in Olive Oil are a high quality product. The sardines have a suitable flavor, slightly salty, they are very clean and of small-medium size.

6 - 10 pieces X 2
170 grs. X 2

The Sardines, small-medium size, are preserved in olive oil and are a good quality product. The ideal, slightly salty taste of the sardines makes them a small delicacy.

Our sardines are made in a traditional way, taking maximum care of the raw material. Sardines are clean and preserved in olive oil. Sardines are 100% natural, without added preservatives or colorants.

Enjoy a small delicacy of the sea with our Sardines in Olive Oil.

6 - 10 pieces X 2
170 grs. X 2
drained weight 62 grs. X 2

  • Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt
  • Allergens: contains fish

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