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Sheep Cheese Half Piece 1,6 kg.

1,6 kg.

Buy Sheep Cheese, an flawless half piece cheese

Cheese is one of the essential foods in our daily lives. This delicious half-piece sheep’s cheese is one of the tastiest and most beneficial for our organism, as sheep’s milk is highly recommended for our diet.

It is a half-piece cheese of approximately 1,5 kg., vacuum-packed and of the Coaliment brand. It is matured for a minimum of 8 months and is characterised by its pronounced but balanced and pleasant flavour.

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Half Piece of Sheep’s cheese at a good price

Sheep’s milk cheese is an impressive Spanish cheese of the highest quality. It is a type of cheese made exclusively with raw sheep’s milk and this milk has not undergone any pasteurisation process, therefore, the flavour will be much more intense and pleasant than other cheeses.

It is an aged cheese, i.e. the curing time is a little longer compared to semi-cured or cured cheeses. In particular, aged sheep’s cheese is cured for at least 8 months, after which the cheese acquires the characteristics of a quality sheep’s cheese. 

Our sheep’s cheese comes in a half-piece format, i.e. approximately 1,6 kg., vacuum-packed and of the Coaliment brand. If you want another format of sheep’s cheese, in Gastronomic Spain we have more variety. Click HERE.

Half Piece of Sheep’s cheese Ingredients

Raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments (milk) and preservatives E-252 and E-1105 (egg derivative). 

It is recommended not to eat the rind: preservatives (E-235 and E-202) and colouring (E-172).

Origin of milk: Spain.

Benefits of sheep’s cheese

  • It is a great source of amino acids as 26% of a 100 gram piece is pure protein.
  • It is rich in calcium, which is essential for strengthening and developing the bone system.
  • In addition to calcium, it also provides us with phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, which are capable of preventing some diseases such as anaemia.
  • It should also be noted that sheep’s cheese contains a lower percentage of lactose, so it is much easier to digest.

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*Price per piece (weight may vary)

1,6 kg. net weight (approx.)

Half piece




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1,6 kg.
Raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, dairy ferments (milk) and preservatives E-252 and E-1105 (derived from eggs).
It is recommended not to eat bark: E-235 and E-202, and coloring: E-172.
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vacuum packed
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