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Sharp Sheep Cheese Albeniz

820 gr.
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Albéniz Aged Sheep Cheese, perfect as an appetizer

Albéniz aged sheep cheese is a perfect typical Spanish cheese that combines nicely with different pairings and is the ideal appetizer.

It is a perfectly aged cheese created from raw sheep milk. But what does “raw milk” actually mean? That the milk is not pasteurised, so it is not heated above 35ºC. As a result, it better keeps its full flavour.

Our Albéniz aged sheep cheese comes from Navarra, specifically from Quesos Albéniz, a brand from La Vasco Navarro group. It is a whole piece of 820 gr., vacuum-packed and in the ideal shape for cutting to taste. It is aged for around 120 days, which gives it a distinctive personality, a powerful flavour, and a delightful aroma.

Ingredients of Albéniz aged sheep cheese

Raw sheep milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments, and preservatives: E-252 and E-110. Inedible rind. Contains milk and its derivatives.

Outstanding characteristics of Albéniz sheep cheese

Sheep cheeses are typically known for being juicier than other cheeses. They can have flavours that range from milky, sweet, vegetal, sour, and nutty.

Due to the high proportion of milk fat in sheep cheese, another feature to note is that it will clearly sweat when left at room temperature for an extended period of time.

On the other hand, Albéniz sheep cheese is somewhat buttery and grainy in texture, and it should be mentioned that it is made from raw, unpasteurised sheep milk.

Albéniz Aged Sheep Cheese made with raw milk

Unquestionably a culinary gem of Spanish cuisine is the delicious Albéniz aged sheep cheese made with raw milk. From the brand Quesos Albéniz, it is matured for around 120 days.

Enjoy this excellent Albéniz aged sheep cheese at a low price and from anywhere in Europe with absolutely no shipping fees. Check conditions.

Properties of Albéniz aged sheep cheese

Scientific research has demonstrated the many benefits raw sheep’s milk provides for our health and the following benefits stand out:

- The high concentration of vitamins and minerals compared to other cheeses.

- It is more digestive since it is a fattier cheese.

- Rich in saturated fats, composed of Omega 3 and linoleic acid.

- Excellent energy source.

- It is worth noting that it contains less lactose than cheese made from cows. Consequently, it is considerably simpler to digest.

Buy Albéniz aged sheep cheese online at a low price

Albéniz aged sheep cheese is not only affordable, but it can be enjoyed from any city in Europe. You may get Albéniz sheep cheese as well as thousands of other Spanish gastronomic products through our online store.

Don’t use distance as an excuse to not eat like in Spain!

Net weight: 820 gr.

Format: whole piece


Quesos Albéniz

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820 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, dairy ferments and preservatives: E-252 and E-110. Inedible bark.
Milk and derivatives.
vacuum packed
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Sharp Sheep Cheese Albeniz