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Sharp Cheese Albeniz

840 gr.
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Sharp cheese Albéniz at a fair price

Excellent sharp cheese Albéniz, elaborated with cow’s and sheep’s milk, that is to say, it is a mixed cheese. The sharp cheese Albéniz has a maturation of 120 days approximately, it is a whole piece of 840gr. and it is vacuum packed. The sharp cheese Albéniz is an incredible choice, with a pleasant flavour to the palate.

Sharp cheese Albéniz in a format of easy handling and at an excellent price. Free shipping all over Europe.

Sharp cheese Albéniz what it is:

If you are a true lover of the good Spanish cheeses, you can miss out this sharp cheese Albéniz, an authentic cheese from Navarra, with an exceptional flavour and creamy.

Our sharp cheese AlbéniZ comes from Quesos Albéniz, it is a mixed cheese elaborated with pasteurized cow’s milk (80% min.) and pasteurized sheep’s milk (5% min.), it has a maturation process of 120 days approximately and it is a true culinary gem perfect to serve as an appetizer.

Sharp cheese Albeniz characteristics:

Apart of being a top-quality cheese, it can be highlighted also:

• Whole piece of 840gr. net weight.

• Ivory coloured pressed paste.

• Small and uneven grain

• Creamy and fluffy cut.

• Delicious flavour and pleasant scent.

• It has a maturation process of 120 days approximately.

Sharp cheese Albeniz ingredients:

Pasteurized cow’s milk (80% min), pasteurized sheep’s milk (5% min), salt, rennet, lactic ferments. Preserver E-252. Inedible bark. Bark preservatives E-202 and E-235 and food colouring (E-172).

It contains milk and derivates.

Quesos Albéniz, authentic from Navarra

Choosing Quesos Albeniz is always a right choice. With more than 40 years of experience in the Spanish cheese field, but also in Navarra because it all started there in 1977. Since then, they opted for technology, innovation, and the quality that you will always find in Quesos Albéniz.

They are a benchmark in the industry in Spain and with the help of Gastronomic Spain, you will taste this delicious cheese with only a click.

Other formats of Quesos Albéniz

In addition to our sharp cheese Albéniz, at Gastronomic Spain you will enjoy other type of Quesos Albéniz just as the mild or the soft ones, and also an excellent cheese elaborated only with sheep’s milk.

Different cheeses, different formats, but always the same quality.

Buy Sharp cheese Albéniz at a fair price and with free delivery

If you live far away from Spain and you were looking for a true Spanish cheese, at Gastronomic Spain you can buy sharp cheese Albéniz at a fair price and with the option of FREE shipping in orders over 79.99€ or 89.99€ depending on the destination country. Check conditions.

A mixed sharp cheese perfect to serve as an appetizer when you need to be a host and it is irresistible to any palate, just as the tons of Spanish products available at our online shop.

840gr. net weight

format: whole piece

vacuum packed

Quesos Albéniz


Data sheet

840 gr.
Pasteurized cow's milk (minimum 80%), pasteurized sheep's milk (minimum 5%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments. Conservative E-252. inedible bark. Bark preservatives E-202 and E-235 and colorant (E-172).
Milk and derivatives.
vacuum packed
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Sharp Cheese Albeniz