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Mild Cheese Albeniz

860 gr
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Buy mild cheese Albeniz at an incredible price

At Gastronomic Spain you can buy this mild Albeniz cheese at an incredible price. It is a mild cheese that apart from being so good, it is a reference at a national and international level.

The mild Albeniz cheese is a whole piece of 860 gr. elaborated with pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milk. It is a typical cheese of Quesos Albéniz, located in the province of Navarra.

Mild Albeniz Cheese characteristics

Rich, tasty and a benchmark at a national and international level, this is our mild Albeniz cheese. A whole piece of 860 gr. net weight, elaborated with pasteurized cow’s milk (80% minimum) and pasteurized sheep’s milk (5% minimum)

Certainly, it is a mild cheese with a unique flavour, excellent as an appetizer, for breakfast or dinner but also to do pairings:

• Paste pressed cheese.

• Ivory colour

• Small graininess and unequal.

• Perfect mix with cow’s and sheep’s milk.

• Maturation during 60 days at a controlled temperature and humidity.

• With a smooth and creamy taste.

• Pleasant scent.

The mild Albeniz cheese comes from the popular Quesos Albeniz, one of the Spanish brands better known and acclaimed by the cheese lovers. They are located in Navarra, and they combine know-how, the tradition respect and the quality of their products.

Farmers play an important role in Quesos Albeniz, as they are the ones who know how to treat sheep’s milk more than anyone else. Farmers together with the technicians evaluate that the quality is optimal and combine tradition and know-how to obtain an incredible cheese.

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Mild Albeniz cheese ingredients:

Pasteurized cow’s milk (80% min.), pasteurized sheep’s milk (5% min.), salt, rennet, lactic enzymes. Preserver: E252. Rind no edible.

Does not contain genetically modified organisms.

How is the mild Albeniz cheese made?

The elaboration of the mild Albeniz cheese start on their farms, where they select the type of milks by the best breeders, and they do a strict analysis of each one.

Once the milk is picked, it is placed in refrigerated tanks to maintain its quality in an optimum condition. Then, it goes through strict quality analysis and once it is suitable, it is unloaded into processing tanks (each consignment is coded to guarantee traceability throughout the chain).

Subsequently, the product passes to the corresponding temperature according to its estimated fabrication.

Pressed and salted: it is put into molds to obtain the best product and to undergo the salting process.

Drying and maturation process: finally, it goes to dryers and ripening chambers until finalizing its process. In this case it can be up to 60 days.

Cut mild cheese Albeniz as if you were a professional

Just as ham, cheese has its tricks to be cut easily, simply and perfectly. That is why, Gastronomic Spain explains how to cut cheese to serve it in the best possible way:

Firstly, we must know which knife is the right one to cut our cheese. The ideal knife would be the double-handled knife since it involves a whole piece of cheese. This way it would be cut into two halves.

Later, these two halves will be cut into wedges and finally into equal triangles that go from the rind to the wedge.

860gr. net weight

format: whole piece

vacuum packed

Quesos Albéniz

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Data sheet

860 gr
Pasteurized cow's milk (min. 80%), pasteurized sheep's milk (min. 5%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments. Conservative: E252. Inedible bark.
Contains lactose
vacuum packed
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Mild Cheese Albeniz