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García Baquero Sharp Cheese 3 kg. Whole Piece

3 kg.
In Stock

García Baquero Sharp Cheese, a whole piece of 3 kg.

García Baquero Cheese is a very typical type of sharp cheese in Spain. In addition to being typical, it is a cheese awarded in the World Championship Cheese Contest as one of the best 20 cheeses in the world. Without a doubt, a top quality cured Spanish cheese.

The qualities of this incredible cheese go beyond borders. The García Baquero Sharp (Cured) has a yellowish appearance with ivory tones, its aroma combines nuts with dairy sensations and is characterized by having a certain elasticity, while its flavor is very balanced with hints of goat.

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What is whole piece García Baquero Sharp Cheese?

If you were looking for mastery made cheese, you have found it in Gastronomic Spain with the delicious García Baquero Curado. A quality cheese, awarded in the World Championship Cheese Contest, among others, as one of the best 20 cheeses in the world.

It is characterized by being a powerful flavor cheese but very balanced on the palate, without distortions and an enveloping sweetness that will make any palate fall in love.

Our García Baquero sharp cheese is a whole piece, 3 kg. Approximate, it is vacuum packed and is part of one of the most valued cheese brands in Spain: García Baquero.

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Sensory Qualities of García Baquero Curado

Appearance: Pale yellow in color with ivory tones characteristic of aged cheese.

Aroma: With roasted and dried fruit scents mixed with milk-caramel sensations and with a certain memory of the winery and maturing cave.

Taste: Very balanced, highlighting the dried fruits typical of the maturation of the mixed-rich sheep's milk. In addition, creamy notes with hints of goat milk reappear.

Texture: With rough nuances but a good sensation on the palate, as well as having a certain elasticity.

* Recommendation: open 20 minutes before consumption and leave it at room temperature to highlight and enhance its aroma and flavor.

Ingredients of the García Baquero Sharp of 3 kg.

Pasteurized sheep, goat and cow milk, lactic ferments (milk), rennet, salt and calcium chloride. Origin of milk Spain.

Allergens: milk.


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3 kg. net weight (approximate)

whole piece

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García Baquero Curado

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3 kg.
Pasteurized sheep, cow and goat milk, lactic ferments (milk), rennet, salt and calcium chloride.
Contains lactose
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vacuum packed
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García Baquero

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