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Flor de Esgueva Wedge 250 gr.

250 gr.
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Flor de Esgueva wedge: spectacular aged cheese

Our Flor de Esgueva is a 250g. wedge made exclusively with raw sheep’s milk and is matured for a minimum of 7 months with natural rind. It is a type of aged cheese, perfect in intensity and texture.

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What is Flor de Esgueva wedge?

Our Flor de Esgueva wedge of 250g. is a type of Spanish cheese, typical of Spanish gastronomy and very popular as an appetizer. 

It is a type of aged cheese, typical of Castilla y León but recognised throughout Spain. The Flor de Esgueva 250g. wedge is made exclusively from raw sheep’s milk and matured in natural rind for a minimum of 7 months.

Aged Flor de Esgueva 250g. is perfect for those who love pure sheep’s milk cheese and is intense in the mouth. It has a pleasant, long and lasting aftertaste, and its texture is elastic. 

Flor de Esgueva 250g. Wedge Ingredients 

Raw sheep’s milk, salt, preservatives (E-252), animal rennet, calcium chloride and lactic ferments. Milk origin: Spain.

Rind: inedible, contains E-200, E-235 and colouring agents E-171 and E-172. 

Tasting Notes for Flor de Esgueva cheese

Smell: of raw sheep’s milk which does not give a hint of the final taste: slightly acidic with herbaceous sensations.

Texture: with a certain pleasant gumminess and little graininess.

Aftertaste: long and lasting taste, leaving a pleasant sensation for a few minutes.

Special pairing for Flor de Esgueva wedge

The Flor de Esgueva wedge is a perfect aged cheese to be accompanied by candied fruits or vegetables, such as tomatoes or onions. While the perfect pairing would be a glass of young red wine with a fruity and herbaceous taste. It forms the best possible combination.

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250g. net weight (approx.)

format: wedge


Aged Flor de Esgueva


Data sheet

250 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, salt, preservative (E-252), rennet of animal origin, calcium chloride and dairy ferments.
Inedible rind: contains preservatives E-200, E-235 and colorants E-171 and E172.
flor de esgueva

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Flor de Esgueva Wedge 250 gr.