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Smoke Cheese Wedge Idiazabal

250 gr.
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Smoke Cheese Wedge Idiazabal

Our Smoked Cheese Wedge Idiazabal is an excellent matured sheep cheese elaborated from raw milk branded by La Vasco Navarra. It is a far cheese, elaborated exclusively in Navarra with the Protected Designation of Origin by the Regulatory Council.

Smoke Cheese Wedge Idiazabal Characteristics

The Smoke Cheese Wedge Idiazabal is characterised for being intense and equilibrated. It has a consistent and clean taste, marked by the matured sheep raw milk flavour and a smoked touch flavour.

This matured and raw milk comes from latxa and carranzana sheep, which can be found in the Basque country and Navarre.

Why is smoke cheese special?

Smoke cheese Idiazabal is the type of process chosen to make the cheese. In particular, its curing process is made with fire that reaches temperatures between 35 and 90 Celsius degrees.

As a result of this ripening and curing process made with liquid smoke, it’s obtained a cheese with a certain smoky flavor and a remarkable external appearance.

Smoke cheese Idiziabal with Designation of Origin

Smoke cheese Idiziabal from La Vasco Navarra is high quality and it’s certified by the Regulatory Council that, through a complex and rigorous system of guarantees, the Idiazabal Denomination of Origin protects the work of shepherds and the elaboration of the cheese itself, guaranteeing to the consumers the properties that an authentic Idiazabal cheese must fulfill.

Our smoked cheese Idiazabal wedge shows it in the following way:

Holographic back label: where each piece DO Idiazabal contains a numbered back label that assures its exclusivity.

Casein plate: a casein plate is integrated in the rind whose numbering allows to know the traceability of the cheese.

Idiazabal Logo: the own logo of the Designation of Origin, also numbered to control the issue and authenticity

Smoke cheese Idiazabal wedge Ingredients

Raw sheep's milk, rennet, lactic ferments and salt. Preservatives: lysozyme (egg derivative) and E-252.

How to make smoke cheese Idiazabal wedge

1.Raw sheep's milk, without any transformation, is heated in stainless steel vats until it reaches a temperature of 30ºC.

2.Lamb rennet milk is added clean, dry, crushed and mixed with salt. The milk coagulates in an estimated time of 30 minutes to form the elastic gel which is cut into small pieces.

3.After the press, the cheeses go to the brine process (salt and water bath). Later, they are refined in a ripening chamber at a temperature of between 35º and 90ºC.

4.This process should last at least two months, although the period that guarantees the extraction of the best qualities is between 4 and 8 months (it also depends on personal taste).

5.When they are introduced into the molds, the cheeses are marked with a number that makes them unique pieces, thus ensuring the tracking and traceability of each piece.

6.And this is how a smoked cheese with Protected Designation of Origin would be elaborated, especially our smoked Idiazabal cheese from La Vasco Navarra.

250 gr. net weight

Format: wedge

Vacuum packed

La Vasco Navarra

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250 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, rennet, lactic ferments and salt. Preservatives: lysozyme (derived from eggs) and E-252.
Lysozyme (derived from eggs).
vacuum packed
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Smoke Cheese Wedge Idiazabal