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Mild Cheese

250 gr
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Amazing and delicious Mild Cheese for a great price

As delicious as amazing it is, that is how our mild cheese by Coaliment tastes. A cheese with a curing time between 2 and 3 months, soft and tasty for the different pasteurized milks mix: cow (60%), sheep (17%) and goat (12%).

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Nothing can top the Spanish cheese.

What is the mild cheese?

The mild cheese is one of the most popular cheeses in the Spanish gastronomy, specially at the snack time.

It is characterized for having a fermentation time of between 30 days and 3 months as a maximum. This time frame gives some unique mild cheese characteristics.

Our mild cheese comes vacuum-packed in a 250-gr. (approx.) wedge format.

Milk used

This Coaliment mild cheese uses three kinds of milk: cow (60%), sheep (17%) and goat (12%) at least. This milk mix comes pasteurized.

What does ‘pasteurized’ mean? It means that the milk has been heated in a 70º-90ºC temperature for some seconds to inactivate microbes, but without modifying the mild cheese qualities.

The fermentation

This process is the most important when we are talking about cheese, as during this time the product adopts its unique characteristics, texture and taste among them.

In this case, the mild cheese has a fermentation time of a maximum of three months and adopts a soft, tender and well-balanced flavor.

Mild cheese properties

Mild cheese is one of the most praised cheeses by people, and there is no doubt why it is:

  1. Balanced and healthy diet: It is rich in protein and helps us form and regain body mass. It also helps us obtain energy, repair bone structure and regulate our metabolism. A perfect food to consume daily but moderately in our diet.
  2. Rich source in calcium: thanks to the milk, it is an important source of calcium. It is a really important part for the kids, as it helps build strong bones.
  3. Important during pregnancy: mild cheese has folic acid, a relevant element in the first weeks of pregnancy, as it helps preventing neural tube defects in the fetus.
  4. Rich in zinc: this mineral helps our immunologic system to improve our defenses. An essential mineral indeed.

The mild cheese benefits and properties are so good that even experts consider it an essential product in a balanced diet. A daily ration is recommended.

Mild cheese ingredients

Pasteurized cow, (60% min.) sheep (17% min.) and goat (12% min.) milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments (milk). Spain country of origin milk.

Rind: E-235 and E-202 preservatives and E-172 coloring.

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250 gr. net weight (approx.)

Wedge format



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250 gr
Pasteurized cow's milk (60% min), sheep (17% min) and goat (12% min), salt, rennet, dairy ferments (milk). Bark: preservatives E-235 and E-202, coloring E-172.
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Mild Cheese