Sotopalacios blood sausage a very Spanish sausage

Sotopalacios blood sausage a very Spanish sausage

It is possible that Sotopalacios blood sausage is one of the best exponents of what has traditionally been the integral use of all the products obtained from the pig, and in this case the product used is blood.

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But, as in everything that comes from very old folk customs and traditions, the different ways of preparing La Morcilla de Sotopalacios, and therefore their results, are also varied.

The most basic differentiation in La Morcilla already comes from its ingredients, which vary according to types and areas.

It is possible that the best known variety of Sotopalacios blood sausage is called rice, which includes among its components, rice, onion, spices and of course the pig’s blood that acts as a binder of the whole of the ingredients and that is finally stuffed in The gut.

But as for fame, La Morcilla de onion lags behind, which unlike the previous one, does not carry rice among its ingredients, which gives it a softer and softer consistency.

With the growing fondness for pates, the consumption of this stuffed stuffed onion sausage has become popular and is now marketed in tubs, to taste it spread on slices of bread or toast or the possibility of combining it in the preparation of other dishes .

Precisely a dish in which Sotopalacios blood sausage plays a fundamental role, or rather that pasta that is its filling are the piquillo peppers stuffed with blood sausage, which constitute an original and exquisite dish that you should not miss trying.

But neither the varieties of La Morcilla nor their different presentations end here.

With the aim, without a doubt, of facilitating the consumption of La Morcilla even more to the consumer, fried sausages are also marketed in orza, so that their consumption is direct, either cold or hot according to the tastes of each.

As for ingredients of Sotopalacios blood sausage, pine nuts are also added in some areas inside the dough, which give it a special touch of flavor and texture.

Another variety is also made, which is La Morcilla Iberica, which includes lean minced pork along with blood, onion and spices, resulting in a kind of sausage in which the blood of the pig is used as a binder or filler.

As a very unique variety of La Morcilla we have the deer, typical of some areas of the interior of the peninsula and for which it is used, in addition to blood, onion and spices, lean meat of minced deer and mixed homogeneously with the rest of ingredients to finally stuff it.

The result is another unique and very rich product that shows, once again, how wide is the imagination of our chefs and food producers.

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