Mallorcan Sobrasada, a more-than-delicious, spreadable cold meat

Mallorcan Sobrasada is a very delicious, spreadable cold meat and acclaimed by the entire Spanish population. I say spreadable because normally, Mallorcan Sobrasada is served spread on bread or in different tapas, typical of Spanish gastronomy. Although we can also find it whole or even melted. If you are interested to buy sobrasada from Mallorca, we offer you a wide variety with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

Everything will depend on the recipe that the chef wants to use. But the most typical is the Mallorcan Sobrasada sandwich. All a delight!


Mallorcan Sobrasada with origin designation and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Mallorcan Sobrasada is a cold meat made from pork. This type of Spanish cold meat is usually raw and cured, seasoned with salt, black pepper and paprika, to give it that orange colour so characteristic of Sobrasada. It is the typical and traditional product of the Balearic Islands, like the ensaimada. In the case of Mallorcan Sobrasada, it is popular for its delicious flavour but also because it is classified as a designation of origin by the Spanish State and with a Geographical Indication by the European Union.

In 1993, the Mallorcan Sobrasada obtained the Denomination of Origin distinction from the Balearic Government and the European Union granted it the quality designation “Protected Geographical Indication”. This regulatory council controls compliance with the production, preparation and curing requirements of Mallorcan Sobrasada. As well as controlling the periods of product quality through inspections of the manufacturing companies and through physical, chemical and sensory analyses. Finally, the regulatory council is also in charge of controlling the rearing of the Mallorcan black pig, in order to ensure adequate nutrition.

How the Sobrasada arises: the origin of the Sobrasada

The history of Mallorcan Sobrasada is very peculiar and interesting. It originated in Sicily, where a cold meat mincing technique called “sorpresa” was practised. This “sorpresa” technique was for preparing and handling the product itself, which arose from the need to maintain and extend the useful life of the meat. Due to the maritime trade of the 16th Century, the Sobrasada spread to Mallorca and Valencia, moment in which it quickly adapted to these Mediterranean lands, adding recipes typical of the people and giving it specific characteristics by areas.

It was not until the 18th Century, when the great ingredient that gave the characteristic colour, the paprika, was introduced. This ingredient came from America given by Christopher Columbus to the Catholic Monarchs. Therefore, Mallorcan Sobrasada was originally white until paprika was introduced among its ingredients. The use of paprika and the recipe that was made from it to form the Sobrasada was of such importance that the Mallorcan Sobrasada remained as a registered name, recognized internationally and with the seal of designation of origin.

Sobrasada Ingredients

Mallorcan Sobrasada, or also known as Sobrassada in Catalan or Mallorcan, is defined as a raw cured cold meat, made from selected pork and seasoned with paprika, black pepper and salt. Stuffed into a natural casing and presented after a long curing process. Although it should be noted that the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) establishes two types of Sobrasada:

1. Mallorcan Sobrasada made with pork.
2. Mallorcan black pork Sobrasada, made exclusively with Mallorcan black pork meat and stuffed with natural intestines. Said black pigs must be raised and fed on the island according to traditional customs.

How to distinguish a good Sobrasada

In order to recognize a quality Mallorcan surplus, several factors must be taken into account: First of all, the logo. It should bear the PGI seal that complies with all regulations so that it reaches the consumer. Second, the meat must be lean. It is one of the main differences between artisanal and industrial Sobrasada, since industrial ones have a higher fat content, which is why it produces a lower quality product. In third place, it must not have a visible fat concentration.

It is important that when cutting a Sobrasada we do not find large and visible fat pieces. Quality Mallorcan Sobrasada must be uniform and concentrated. And last but not least, the paprika. If the paprika is autochthonous, then better, since it acquires its optimum point with the introduction of the paprika.

sobrasada de mallorca

Sobrasada formats in Gastronomic Spain

At Gastronomic Spain we offer three types of Mallorcan Sobrasada. Below we show you the 3 formats:

Mallorcan Sobrasada

Our Sobrasada from Mallorcan is a cold meat from Mallorcan cuisine, with a great tradition on the island. It is a perfect cold meat to be spread on toast or even to cook it and use this product in a recipe. A delicious Mallorcan Sobrasada, presented in a whole piece format.

Sobrasada El Zagal

The Sobrasada El Zagal, unlike Mallorcan Sobrasada is presented in a tub format, although the flavour, texture and way of making it is the same. Easy and simple.

Spicy Sobrasada

The spicy Mallorcan Sobrasada is made in the same way as the traditional Sobrasada but with an extra ingredient, the spicy paprika. A product with a whole piece PGI and with all the flavour of the Balearic Islands.

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