Cured Ham Bone, Some Cured Ham Bones, please!

It’s funny what you discover you can miss when you leave Spain. You take for granted that all beginnings are tough, but you approach them with positivity and with the curiosity with which you face when you are outside your comfort zone. Still, did someone tell you that you could miss Cured Ham Bone?

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You are not the only one who misses the cured ham bone:

Congratulations friends! In Gastronomic Spain you have cured ham bone and many more products. Many of you are real kitchens and sometimes finding the products you need in the country where you live is a bit of an uphill task. Things as basic as a cured ham bone for your broths and stews is a real odyssey to find. Much more if you live in rural areas or small municipalities where there are almost no Spanish compatriots because there are not.

Do not be alarmed, offers all of you the good cured ham bone, the kind that have “chicha”, which come from Serrano hams with a curing period of more than 18 months and in small pieces so that you can use the amount you need. You no longer have barriers to be able to make those delicious dishes, which you do not want to give up because even if you live away from home and that your family, roommates and friends ask you continuously.

Because things are clear, all the stews are much richer with a ham bone in the casserole.
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