What is the most popular homemade chorizo?

The Spanish homemade chorizo is possibly the star sausage of Spanish gastronomy. Together with the Iberico ham, gazpacho and the potato omelette, it is one of the Spanish products most demanded by tourists when they visit Spain. The truth is that there is a great variety of types of homemade chorizo. They can be differentiated by their flavor: spicy or sweet chorizo; for its curing: fresh or raw chorizo and dried and aired chorizo; They can also be distinguished by their shape: chorizo sarta, chorizo cular, chorizo vela among others and finally it can be differentiated by the breed of pig: Iberico chorizo and white chorizo.

In this article we are going to identify which types of Spanish homemade chorizo are the most popular and preferred by consumers. A classification in which the demand over these sausages will prevail, since it is difficult to determine which chorizo is the richest, because they are subjective and very personal perceptions.

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Chorizo from Pamplona

This is a Spanish chorizo from Navarra. A thick chorizo, since the slice has a diameter greater than 7 cm. Unlike the rest of the sausages, the mixture between the lean pork and the bacon is very homogeneous, it is clear that the meat and fat have been finely chopped. This production process is excellent since the chorizo from Pamplona has the same taste in every bite. A dry chorizo that is usually cut with cold cuts, the slice is usually thin and the skin that surrounds it is not natural.

Chorizo de Pamplona is a white chorizo that is used for sandwiches and sandwiches, as well as other kinds of cold cuts such as olive mortadella and York ham. It is an unpretentious chorizo with a very good flavor, the little ones love it and the not so young eat it with gusto with a certain nostalgia. Some recipes use hot Pamplona chorizo, on pizza or hot sandwiches.

Although it is a sweet chorizo originally from Navarra, its consumption is widespread throughout the geography. A very difficult chorizo to find abroad, especially in the European Union, where there is a certain demand.

Iberico homemade chorizo

When we talk about Iberian chorizo, we refer to all the Iberian chorizo that exist depending on the breed of the pig. When the word Iberian is heard, everyone pays attention. The most common Iberian chorizo is dry and cured chorizo. Although it is true that there is fresh Iberian chorizo, the usual thing is to eat a cular chorizo, or a candle chorizo. Among all the sausages that we are going to select here, it is the one with the most expensive price. In general, the Iberian chorizo is a sausage stuffed in natural casing, with the best selected meats.

Acorn chorizo:
An acorn-fed Iberian chorizo is one that is obtained from pigs of the 75% Iberian breed, which have fed on acorn and natural pastures during their breeding. In general, they are usually obtained chorizo cular or chorizo horseshoe. It is competitively priced. If it is true that bait chorizo is cheaper, the difference between one and the other is not very representative, which is why gourmet acorn-fed chorizo is usually chosen.

The horseshoe chorizo format is also very common, a spicy and sweet string chorizo which is joined at the ends by a rope and is about 3 cm thick.

chorizo bellota

Iberian bait chorizo:
It could be said that the most common Iberian chorizo is chorizo vela and sliced cular. It is a correct homemade chorizo and with a good taste in the mouth, on many occasions we find this chorizo in trays to open and directly eat.

It is made from bacon and lean Iberian pork, with an Iberian breed of at least 50%. Their diet has been based on natural feed and they have lived in captivity.

Black leg chorizo:
The pata negra chorizo is the best of the best. an unsurpassed Iberian chorizo, with a unique flavor. This chorizo comes from 100% Iberian pigs, which have lived in freedom and have fed on acorns and different pastures. Chorizo pata negra is usually found in the form of chorizo cular and chorizo horseshoe. A homemade sausage, from the village, very widespread in regions such as Salamanca, Extremadura and Almería.

Grilled chorizo:

The grilled chorizo is a fresh chorizo sometimes aerated that needs to be cooked. A raw chorizo that is used to eat only as a fried chorizo and that is essential in typical Spanish recipes such as: lentils with chorizo, macaroni with chorizo, potatoes with chorizo. The chorizo parrillero is a common Spanish chorizo at barbecues and picnics. When cooked it loses a large part of its fat, remaining its juiciness.

We can find this spicy chorizo as sweet, the usual thing is to buy white chorizo, although in some regions they usually make fresh Iberian chorizo, sometimes a bit aired. In general, barbecue chorizo is cheap, since it has not been cured and has been marketed as soon as it is stuffed, it has a shorter shelf life than dry chorizo and its shape is usually in a string of chorizo about 12 cm long and 3 cm in diameter.

Chorizo Cantimpalo

Cantimpalo chorizo is the quintessential homemade chorizo. A string chorizo with a cure of between 21 -24 days, this Spanish chorizo stuffed in natural pork casings, which acquires a white color due to the mold that forms on the surface. Cantimpalo chorizo is made in the Segovia region and protected by the Cantimpalo PGI. It is a sweet chorizo, with a delicious flavor. When cured, it is considered a dry chorizo with a red color inside.

This artisan chorizo is perfect to eat alone with a little bread. Just like that, he’s delusional.

cantimpalo chorizo

Chorizo Revilla

This is one of the few chorizos that are identified by the manufacturer’s brand. The Revilla chorizo is a homemade chorizo that has always been with us. This horseshoe-shaped string chorizo is usually found in all Spanish supermarkets, although abroad it is very rare and coveted. You can find this spicy and sweet chorizo and as it is an extra chorizo, it is cured for more than 2 -3 months.
It is usually eaten accompanied with bread, in 0.5 cm slices and on a dry stick.


Like the barbecued chorizo, the chistorra is a fresh, non-airy chorizo from Navarra. A homemade chorizo that has spread its consumption throughout the territory. The truth is that it has a delicious flavor, a very pleasant sweet fried sausage taste. Some of the most popular typical Spanish dishes are: chistorra with wine and potatoes with chistorra.

It is usually a cheap chorizo, since being a raw chorizo, without airing, it greatly reduces the cost.

We have not named another type of red chorizo such as Riojan chorizo, Leon chorizo and Asturian chorizo, which are widely consumed in their regions of origin and have a great reputation behind them. This type of chorizo is considered a type of gourmet homemade chorizo. This white chorizo is a real delicacy, generally, the Riojan and Asturian chorizo is a type of fresh Spanish chorizo, aired and common to fry and use to make stir-fries. While the chorizo de León is a dry red chorizo.

These are the most popular types of pork chorizo. The truth is that they are good sausages and we recommend that you buy them. In Gastronomic Spain you can find all these Spanish homemade chorizo at a good price and with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

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