Traditional Spanish Desserts that are Worth Making a Part of Every Celebration

Spanish Desserts are famous all over the world not just for their unique flavors but also for being part of Spain’s rich food culture. They are often made with healthy nuts, milk products and boosts the distinct aromas of butter, caramel, and fruits. From sugary custards to milk-filled pastries, Spanish dessert menus are a place of sweet, sweet joy. Like so many foods in Spain, many of the country’s desserts are worth making a part of every celebration. Here we have mentioned a few of them:

Traditional Spanish Desserts - polvorones spanish food online

Fried Milk (LecheFrita)

This crunchy warm custard Spanish dessert is cream filled from inside and crunchy from outside. The stuffing comprises condensed milk mixed with spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie. It’s sometimes topped with icing sugar and cinnamon. It tastes best when enjoyed with green tea ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Asturian Crepes (Frixuelos de Asturias)

Frixuelos is a Spanish dessert dish originally from the provinces of Asturias and Leon. Frixuelos or Filloas is a simple crepe-like dessert made of flour, milk, and eggs, which can be filled with a variety of fillings- sweet or salty. Traditionally, it was filled with sweet apple compote, but nowadays, it often comes filled with whipped cream or egg custard. And, the salty version comes filled with scrambled eggs, melted cheese and small chunks of meat.

Light-as-Air Spanish Fritters (Bunuelos de Viento)

This typical Spanish dessert is so light and fluffy that it easily melts in mouth. It is often filled with creamy egg custard. You will find it as a light air and dusted with powdered sugar. It can be perfect as afternoon snacks and can be enjoyed as a light dessert after a heavy meal.

Easy Spanish Bread Pudding (Torrijos)

Believed to be originated from the Southern region of Andalucia in the 15th century, today, this popular breakfast dessert is enjoyed all over Spain. You might be surprised to know that this recipe was originally developed to make the proper use of stale slices of bread. It’s similar to Americans’ French toast. But in Spain, you can find a lot of variety available in this dish. Many bakers prepare it with candied figs, shredded coconut, and chopped pecans, in addition to the raisins.

Turrón – Spanish Almond Candy

A traditional dessert of Moorish origin, this sweet dish has been invented over 500 years ago in Jijona, a small town near Alicante. It is a must-have part of Christmas treat in Spain. The original recipe contains almond and honey, but today it is available in a wide variety of flavors. Enjoying this traditional Spanish dish with friends and family will evoke the warm spirit of a traditional Spanish gathering!

Mantecados – Traditional Spanish Crumble Cakes

These rich, crumbly cookie-cakes are so soft that they melt in your mouth in a matter of seconds. They are light, delicate, combine an anise flavor, and are accented with lemon and cinnamon. The name “Mantecados” has been derived from the Spanish word Manteca, which means butter or fat. Being delicious and delicious in flavors, this Spanish dessert is typically enjoyed during the winter and during Christmas time in Spain.

Polvorones – Almond Cookies

Another version of traditional Spanish cookies, Polvorones are flavored with almonds and are crumbly in texture. They are so delicate that if not handled well, they might turn into dust. Even their name has been derived from the word “Powder”, which means dust in Spanish. Traditionally, these cookies were made from the months of January to October, but nowadays they are available year-round. The original recipe insists on the use of pork fat; however, it was soon replaced with butter.

All of these Spanish desserts are often devoured on different celebratory occasions as well as on days when Spaniards just want to forget about diet plans and gorge on some high-calorie, creamy, sweet treats. At Gastronomics Spain , you can shop from a wide variety of Spanish desserts, and get it delivered right to your home.

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