Sherry vinegar | the best vinegar taken from the wines of Jerez

It is difficult to find someone who has not heard of vinegar and it is also difficult to find someone who has not tried it once, although surely many of these people will not know exactly what vinegar is, much less Sherry Vinegar.

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The name of vinegar really comes from French and comes to mean “sour wine” although wine is not the only product from which it can be obtained.
Vinegar is produced by the action of a bacterium, acetics, on a hydroalcoholic solution in the presence of oxygen, and as a result of any food that contains alcohol, the same can come from apples, beets, rice and of course Of the wine.
The use of vinegar has always been linked to gastronomy, being used to dress food and not only salads, but also in the formula of many recipes.
Therefore, the quality and flavor of a vinegar is very important and among the prestigious vinegars is undoubtedly the Sherry Vinegar.
The Vinegar undoubtedly owes its quality to the quality of the wines in which it originates.
It is in the region known as Marco de Jerez, where these wines originate and consequently also where the Sherry Vinegar comes from.
The nature of this land, its climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, its humidity index and of course the grapes, give the wines and vinegar obtained from them, extraordinary qualities and nuances.
This Vinegar is protected by a designation of origin since 1994, to protect vinegars produced from Sherry wines.
Like the wines, the Sherry Vinegar, is aged by aging in barrels and soleras, whose duration gives rise to different categories:
Sherry vinegar is one that is subject to a minimum aging period of six months.
Sherry Vinegar Reserve, is one that is subject to a minimum aging period of two years.
Sherry Vinegar Gran Reserva, is one that is subject to a minimum aging period of ten years.

Sherry Vinegar has a dark amber color with some shades of mahogany and its aroma contains hints of nuts and wood, due to its aging in barrels.
As I said, the use of Sherry Vinegar in the kitchen is growing, intervening in countless recipes and preparations, not only salad dressing, but in the preparation of canned, pickled and in a large number of dishes and stews , and therefore, the extraordinary flavor and the amount of nuances of this vinegar make it very appreciated.
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