How to preserve Serrano ham in summer

Serrano ham is a very delicate food, discover how to preserve a Serrano ham during the hottest months

Many of you wonder how to preserve Serrano ham during the summer months. Iberian ham and Serrano ham are foods that are affected by temperature. If you have just bought a leg of gran reserva ham or a bait Iberian shoulder, you have to bear in mind that once it is opened, each day that passes loses quality compared to the previous day. The temperatures that exist in summer make the ham sweat more and lose that fat that protects it, it becomes more salty and softer. With this I do not want to encourage you not to buy Serrano ham in summer, far from it. In this article I am going to tell you how to preserve Serrano ham so that you can eat ham throughout the year.

If during the rest of the year a ham maintains its properties perfectly, in summer it must be eaten once opened within 2 weeks, while the shoulder must be consumed within 10 days. Buying a cheap ham does not mean that you have to eat it quickly so that it does not go bad, much less that you will get a raw ham.

Como conservar el jamón serrano en verano

  • How to preserve Serrano ham:

    Next I am going to give you several tips on how to preserve Serrano or Iberian ham, Serrano ham in summer. So you don’t cut yourself and buy Serrano ham throughout the year.

    Avoid leaving the Iberico ham near a source of heat or direct light. If you have enough space in the kitchen, do not put the ham next to the hob or ceramic hob. It is best to leave it in the pantry, as it is usually a cool place.
    Cut a few slices over the entire surface every day to leave the color fresh and prevent it from rusting.
    When cutting the ham, reserve the first few slices of fat to cover the cut of the ham. This will help it stay fresh longer. In the same way, cover the cut with a cloth rag.
    Cut ham to consume it at the moment. do not reserve it on the plate or in the refrigerator, if the whole ham is more delicate in summer, imagine a thin slice one millimeter thick. Many say that the most delicious slice is the one that does not touch the plate.
    In summer, I am one of those who think that the best thing for a family is to bone the ham. Logically, it is not an acorn ham. For an Iberian ham or a Serrano ham, deboning it and vacuum packing it is a great idea. It maintains its properties well and you can store it once opened on a cloth. When you want to consume it, take it out of the fridge a few minutes before.
    Another good option is to cut the Iberian ham or Serrano ham at once and vacuum pack it. We can cut it with a knife or bone it and cut it by machine. If we have the ability and the time it is the best option, or if we have a trustworthy store that charges us a reasonable price for this service.

    In Gastronomic Spain you can find all the varieties of Iberian ham and Serrano ham.

    Now that you know how to preserve the Serrano ham, visit the web and know our rates, you can also request that we send it to you in maces or cut it whole with a knife or filleted by machine.

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