Cayenne from la Vera: The red gold

The  cayenne from la Vera is without any doubt the most used spice in the traditional Spanish kitchen. It is used to prepare representative meals like the famous Asturian Fabada Been Stew or to add the spice to the popular chorizo sausages. The cayenne, called Pimenton, is an essential and part of the soul of the Spanish gastronomy. About a decade ago Spain created a designation of origin in ordrer to preserve the characteristic taste and aromas as well as the high quality. Due to the high standars and the great quality Spain, by now, is the country with the highest production of cayenne. If you like this spice, Gastronomic Spain offers you a wide variety of sweet paprika from La Vera, spicy smoked paprika and Bittersweet paprika.

Cayenne from la Vera The red gold

Today in Spain two designations of origin for cayenne exist: the cayenne from la Vera and the cayenne from Murcia. The difference between the two designations is not only the geografical location but the process of drying. In Murcia the peppers are dried under the sun whereas the la Vera the peppers are smoked. Because of the smoking the cayenne from la Vera has a unique aroma and a very characteristic taste.

The cayenne from la Vera is used as a 100% natural spice that not only adds taste but also colour to the traditional and regional dishes. Some of those dishes are quite famous, also internationally spoken, and without the special touch of the cayenne they wouldn’t be the same: the Galician octopus (pulpo a la gallega), the asturian fabada been stew and all kind of saussages like the chorizo.

The  cayenne from la Vera  is sold in three different varieties: sweet, bittersweet and spicy. Latly the producers started to sell ecologiacal cayennes, free from pesticides, which is becoming quite popular.

Did you now that besides having a delicious flavour and aroma the paprika powder has multiple benefits for the organism?

According to a cientific study from the Universities of Extremadura and Valencia, in colaboration with the Cientific and Tecnological Investigation Center of Extremadura, by consuming frequently cayenne the antioxidants of the body duplicate. Some nutritional experts like the doctor José Enrique Campillo point out that by adding two to three teaspoons of smoked cayenne to the weekly diet has a strong antiox efect. On the long run the body is protected against harmful agents like contamination, sun radiation or the action of chemical supplements of other foods.

The study took place amongst a group of young people adding daily two grams of smoked cayenne to their diet. This group was compared to a similar group who ingested two grams of non-smoked cayenne per day. After the ingest it was shown that the smoked cayenne from la vera had much more benefits for the organism than non-smoked cayennes.

In the wide range of first quality products of Gastronomic Spain the authentic smoked cayenne from la Vera can’t miss. We offer all the varieties: sweet cayenne, bittersweet cayenne and spicy cayenne, all of them with designation of origin from la Vera. Sure the most demanding palates are satisfied with this great product (besides you can get free shipping*). Also you can find a whole lot of products with the cayenne as ingredient: check out our traditional stews or our tasty chorizos.

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