Spanish omelette, is there anything else Spanish?

Spanish omelette, is there anything else Spanish?

Among the products that most identify with our country, Spain, is undoubtedly, and in a post of honor Spanish omelette. Few foods in our country enjoy more fame and are better known internationally and I think they share “podium” La Tortilla de patata, paella and ham.

The truth is that it is striking that a food as simple, elementary and easy to prepare as Spanish omelette is so linked to our cuisine and taking into account the great acceptance it has throughout the world, its preparation has not been extended similar to its fame and popularity.

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It occurs to me that it is possible that this “non-proliferation” is due to the need to irreplaceably use one of its ingredients, which is the oil, which some use it as extra virgin olive and another of another vegetable type, but that both have a reduced use in many countries where this ingredient, or rather its shortage and price, is compensated with the use of butters and margarines, which in no case can be used to prepare La Tortilla de patata.

Although, as I said, the preparation of La Tortilla de patata is not much less complicated, that does not mean that it lacks its “tricks” and that precisely because of this, there are so many differences between them, depending on the hand of the Cook or cook.

The first difference we see between different ways to prepare Spanish omelette is its thickness. Some people prepare it thin, with a thickness of about 3-4 cm. and who prepares it very thick, with a thickness of 8-10 cm. and even more.

The basic ingredients Spanish omelette are three, with a fourth ingredient present in most cases as a choice or variety.

These three ingredients are the potato, the vegetable oil and the eggs, and the complementary ingredient to meet the different tastes is the onion and in fact it is prepared and warns warning of the presence in La Tortilla of onion potato or not.

In the first place is the potato, which is recommended to be tender and with good conditions for frying. There are those who prepare Potato Tortilla cut the potato into thin slices, about 2-3 mm. thick and who does it in small squares of about 8-10 mm. sideways.

Actually, according to experts, to prepare La Tortilla de patata, the potato does not fry, but instead “cooks” in oil, over medium heat and preventing it from browning.

Vegetable oil to prepare La Spanish omelette is someone who prefers to be extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity and who prefers sunflower because it is softer and has less flavor.

If onion is added, it is fried at the same time as the potato, although it really produces more poached than anything else.

Of course the necessary salt is added and then the oil is removed and drained well.

Beat the eggs and mix well with the potato and before pouring the mixture into the pan, which should be nonstick, add a few drops of oil and heat well. You have to fry it over medium-low heat and turn it several times so that it is done well inside.

The thicker we want to make La Tortilla de patata, the more careful we will have to fry it so that it does not roast on the outside and is well done inside.

Although, as we have seen, it is not too complicated to prepare La Tortilla de patata, some people prefer to buy it already prepared, in the absence of heating, something that should be done, if possible, in the pan by giving it a couple of turns.

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