Serrano Ham, as traditional as it is indispensable

It is evident that in all the Spanish houses there is Serrano ham, and if you are not so clear about it, ask your neighbors, I am convinced that it is.

And it is that, who does not like Serrano ham? It is a very traditional food of Spanish gastronomy, as well as indispensable in our refrigerators or ham holders.

We have it so internalized that we do not realize the importance of Serrano ham in our lives, in our day to day. Family meals, school lunches, Sunday snacks, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, wedding anniversaries … I could make you a whole list of events and in each and every one of them, cured ham would be a primary product in their respective menus.

In this article, we not only want to explain what Serrano ham is, but we also want to open your eyes so that you can see that, every day, you are probably eating a culinary jewel that has fallen from heaven. And it is not for less to thank the Almighty Lord, for having created this world, and Eve for having sinned. Because, now, in the 21st century, we are enjoying such a great delight, as was the apple in its day for the aforementioned.

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How to identify a good Serrano ham on your own

So far we are all clear that Serrano ham is essential, both in our lives and in our kitchens, as well as in our bellies. But not everything is gold that glitters.

Many of you don’t buy a cured ham because you don’t even know where to start. In this article we are not going to complicate your life any more, we will only give you some small, but no less important, guidelines so that you can identify a good Serrano ham on your own. Or at least, that you go to buy it with clear ideas. So, forget about milongas and stories that they can tell you and become an expert on your own.

Characteristics to take into account of Serrano ham:

Pig breed. Serrano ham is made from meat from white pigs, all those pigs that are not considered Iberian. The most common white pig breeds are: Duroc, Landrace, and Large White.

Feeding. The feeding of this white breed of pig will determine the quality of the ham. They normally follow a diet of feed and cereals.

And the most important. The curing of Serrano ham. Curing must be at least 12 months. But if we talk about Gran Reserva ham, the most exceptional Serrano ham on the market, its curing lasts for at least 18 months.

Characteristics and nutritional value of Serrano ham

When we eat Serrano ham, we don’t look at hair. We do not care to eat one slice, two or spend half an hour in front of the ham holder. And possibly we are in luck because we are facing a healthy and digestive food.

The proteins contained in cured ham are of high quality, with vitamins B1 and B6. What’s more, according to Human Nutrition studies, Serrano ham is highly recommended to delay fatigue.

It is true that it is a typical and traditional Spanish product that is highly valued and very healthy, but you always have to maintain a balanced diet, varying sausages with vegetables and legumes.

Difference between Serrano ham and Iberian ham

At this point we return to the same old thing, we know that there are these two types of hams: Serrano ham and Iberian ham, but we do not know the differences that characterize one and the other.

First and foremost is the breed of the pig. As we have mentioned before, Serrano ham is made from white pig, while Iberian ham is produced from Iberian meat, that is, meat from Iberian pigs.

iberico ham and serrano ham

Iberian pigs are usually scarcer, fatter and their maintenance costs are much higher. I could tell you that they are possibly more expensive, but no. It is not like this. And if they have told you, it is a lie. It all depends on the curing and drying characteristics that the ham itself has carried out.

Types of Serrano ham that people consume the most

Serrano ham is consumed by everyone: Asians, Americans, English, Hawaiians, etc. But it should be noted that the types that stand out the most among Serrano ham are: Teruel ham, Reserva ham and Gran Reserva ham.

It is very likely that you are wondering where these Serrano hams have come from, but do not be scared because this has an easy solution. Next I am going to explain some curiosities of each of them so that when you go to the supermarket you know how to differentiate one ham from another.

It has no mystery.

Teruel ham, the most recognized derivative of cured ham

First of all, we focus on the Teruel ham. This type of white ham was the first Serrano ham endorsed by Spain with a Denomination of Origin.

What does Denomination of Origin mean? Denomination of Origin Teruel Ham is the seal of food safety and quality. It is an international guarantee brand where pigs are raised and kept in the province of Teruel itself, as well as the entire process of making this Serrano ham is governed by certain guidelines. An added value that is only made and produced in Teruel, that is why it is called Jamón de Teruel.

teruel ham pdo

At Gastronomic Spain we have the best variety of white ham from Teruel. If you want to have a ham leg at home, attached to your ham holder and a fan of cutting it yourself, the Teruel ham leg will be your choice. While, if you are one of those who has no wait, those who like to serve and consume, those who like to eat quickly, we also have the solution: Teruel ham cut with a knife or sliced.

The choice is yours. Satisfaction belongs to everyone.

Reserve Ham

The Reserva ham is also from the white pig, therefore it also falls within the types of Serrano ham. What is special about this Reserva Serrano ham is its curing, with a minimum of 12 months of curing it is already considered a Reserva Serrano ham, that is, a perfect cured ham to dazzle at Christmas meals.

Gran Reserva Ham

But when we refer to Gran Reserva Serrano ham, we are talking about you. It is the cured Serrano ham par excellence. The highest quality. And this quality is given by its minimum cure of 15 months. The longer the cure, the higher quality the Serrano ham will have.

So, if you want to impress your in-laws, partner, friends, or even indulge yourself, Gran Reserva Serrano ham will be your best ally to share happiness.

Available in whole leg and boneless mace. Which one do you choose?

Recipes with Serrano ham

The infinity of recipes that we can make with white ham can be countless. So much so that, basically, we can add cured ham to any dish and it will not be a crazy idea.

Do you remember the meals your grandmother used to make when you were little? In more than one recipe the ingredient would be Serrano ham. And the ham sandwiches that I prepared do not taste the same as the ones you make yourself? Is it the ham, the oil, the type of bread? We don’t know, but what we do know is that the grandmother’s recipes are to win a Hollywood Oscar. What’s more, why haven’t they received an award?

Now that we are remembering, I remember that when I was a child, my grandmother, also known as la chata, used to prepare croquettes with serrano ham. That day, my cousins and I were pulling each other’s hair to get the last Serrano ham croquette. And that to me, I don’t like croquettes, but… What wonderful days!
For those of you who are wondering what grandmother’s recipe is, here I am going to leave it to you, although it may not turn out the same. No offense.

Serrano ham croquettes, famous throughout the world

Just thinking about how creamy, smooth and tasty the best croquettes in the world are, it makes my mouth water. Serrano ham croquettes are a success when you have to prepare a meal or dinner for someone special. They can even be served as a tapas or an aperitif.

• For the bechamel
200 g. chopped serrano ham
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons of flour
1 tablespoon cornstarch
700 ml milk
1 chopped onion
1 tablespoon butter
2 eggs beaten
• For the batter
Bread crumbs
2 eggs
Extra virgin olive oil

croquetas de jamon

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