Serrano Ham Reserve, easy recipes to cook outside of Spain

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Today I am going to continue with recipes for Serrano ham Reserve that are simple to execute and delicious when it comes to tasting them. In this article, you are going to see some easy ideas to get out of the routine. Spanish ham is one of the most versatile Spanish products used in everyday cooking. If you are thinking of buying a Serrano ham, I encourage you to see this one here. Unlike Iberian ham, Extra cured Serrano ham is at a very good price, for that reason it is the most demanded and used in Spanish cuisine.

Serrano ham Reserve

Recipes with Serrano Ham Reserve:

The first recipe with Gran Reserva Ham that I want to bring you today is the Serrano Ham Crunchy in the microwave, which is very simple to make and which only requires that device so present today in all homes, which is the microwave and which also teaches us that not only serves to defrost food or heat it.

To prepare this crunchy Serrano ham reserve it is necessary to cut it into very thin slices, 1 mm., In variable numbers depending on the amount and use that we intend to make of it later. Place on a plate kitchen or oven paper, place the Serrano ham reserve slices on the paper and cover with another paper and place in the microwave. The estimated time is about 3 minutes for 1 mm slices. thick, if the thickness is greater it may be necessary a little more time, and when the time has elapsed and we verify that the slices tend to yellow, we remove it and leave it on the paper for a while. When it has cooled down, the crisp is ready.

The use that we can give to this crunchy Serrano ham reserve is very varied, from eating it only as an aperitif, as if they were fried potatoes, to using it to add to salad or vegetable dishes, among others. Some people prefer to grind it in the mortar and pour it over some dishes. The possibilities are immense.

Another recipe in which the Serrano Ham is also presented crunchy are the stuffed Serrano ham reserve cones. To prepare these cones, slices of Serrano Ham are used (to cut this ham with a knife is the best). On this occasion, they are large in size to be able to prepare them well, using a mold. They are covered with greaseproof paper and placed in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for 5 minutes, checked and removed. A large number of preparations can be used for filling and today we are going to refer to two of them.

One can be a scrambled eggs with eel and egg, which does not need more detail when preparing it, as it is extremely simple and with that scramble, the crunchy Serrano ham reserve cones are filled and planted.

The other recipe can be a bit more complicated as it consists of making a mushroom cream. You can use any type of mushroom, edible of course, that once clean, fry with a little garlic, add a little flour, salt and pepper, fry a little and add milk, stirring in the pan. frying pan to prepare a béchamel sauce. When it has thickened, the Serrano Ham cones are filled with this cream and served.
Both recipes are simple and very rich, but as you can see, the different filling possibilities are very great.

Consumption of Gran Reserva ham:

The calories in Serrano ham are 319 kCal. That does not mean that you should not consume it far from it. You just don’t have to abuse it. As with any product. You can also degrease it by removing some of the bacon, not all of it. In the delicatessen you can choose the least fatty ham. One of the tricks that we use in Gastronomic Spain, when we are going to cook the ham, that it is fried in its own fat, that is to say, do not add oil to fry it.

You can buy Serrano Ham Gran Reserva online through our Gastronomic Spain page, in different formats, sliced, in maces or by whole pieces and receive it at your home, in all European countries.

The truth is that one of the things we miss the most when we live abroad is Spanish food. Tears come to our eyes when we see a sad cured chorizo in a shop window and you know how we feel when we see some anchovies in vinegar or some good black pudding from Burgos.

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