Nine Spanish Desserts that Are Incredibly Scrumptious

Spaniards definitely have a sweet tooth and thus, you can find a wide variety of  Spanish Desserts. From sugary custards to chocolate-filled pastries, Spaniards are famous all over the world for being healthy, that does not change the fact that Spaniards definitely have a sweet tooth. From custard with caramel sauce to chocolate-filled pastries, Spanish dessert menus are a place of small, sweet joy. Like so many Spanish foods, country’s desserts feature cultural influence. Due to Moorish influence in Southern Spain, many of the desserts are almond-based. Located just south of the French border, the region of Catalonia serves desserts with a decidedly French flair. Well, no matter where in Spain you live I, you will have many mouth-watering, hand-made sweets, cakes and pastries to savor on. In this blog, we have enlisted a few of them:


Miguelitos are light and flaky pastry, filled with cream filling. It is simple to make and take very little time for cooking. All that has to be done is to roll, cut, and bake puff pastry sheets and prepare to simple pastry cream to spoon into the center. And, once it’s ready, dust it with powdered sugar.


This Spanish Dessert is one of the most common desserts enjoyed across Spain in various forms – Vanilla flan, egg flan, coconut flan, chestnut flan, and Christmas chocolate flan to name a few. This soft, gelatinous dessert is made from milk, sugar, and eggs mixed together and placed in a water bath. Once cooked and cooled the mold is turned upside down onto the plate, letting the heavenly bottom cascade down the lobby of flan.

Chocolate and Churros

Over the last few years, chocolate and churros have gained so much popularity that they have broken free from after-meal status to eat-it-anytime status. The crispy tubes of fried dough inside a hot cup of melted chocolates make a delicious snack.

Catalan cream

Also called a poor man’s crème Brulee, this sweet dish is served in a humble, shallow clay dish. Thus creamy egg yolk custard is topped with powdered sugar and then torched to a crisp. This unique flavor is so popular, in fact, that ice creams and liqueurs often come in “CremaCatalana” flavor.

Santiago’s cake

These moist almond cakes come pre-made and served at room temperature. It is thought to have originated from Galicia, where the pilgrimage of St. James ends. The top of the cake is adorned with powdered sugar.


Light and fluffy with a strong cheese flavor, these pancakes are dry and crunchy. They taste more like a cookie. Its main and thickest layer consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar. And, the topmost layer is either plain or sometimes dressed up with a layer of gelatins, chocolates, and blueberries.

 French Toast

These drunken, cinnamon-spiced slices of fried bread are similar to French toast but taken to an advanced level. It can be found on the menu of almost all confessionaries and restaurants. But tragically, it is almost impossible to find them outside of Easter season. Traditionally, they come in two flavors cinnamon, wine, and simple syrup, or honey-soaked.

Classic Spanish Custard – Milk Custard

Spanish custard, called “custard” is one of the comfort foods that make many Spanish adults recall their childhood. Our traditional “custard” version makes a smooth, rich custard, flavored with cinnamon and vanilla extract, which is wonderful eaten while still warm.

Polvorones – Almond Cookies

This Spanish dessert is especially popular during Christmas month. They are available in a variety of flavors -almond, orange, chocolate, and lemon being the most popular versions. Being soft and brittle, they melt in your mouth. They accompany the best with a bottle of hard liquor. The cookies are very crumbly and have a light crust from being baked in the oven, but the inside is soft.

These were some scrumptious desserts from Spanish cuisine that are a part and parcel of Spanish food culture. Searching for Spanish dishes online, you can find hundreds of  Spanish Desserts. But if you want to have something that is customized for your needs, look no forward than Gastronomic Spain. We have hundreds of food items on our menu that are so tasty that you will like them again and again.

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