How to cook marzipan and other curiosities of this Christmas sweet

No doubt, marzipan is one of the most typical sweets in Spain, especially during Christmas time. This delicacy rules the Christmas centrepieces, in addition to other Christmas sweets such as nougats, shortbread cookies, buns, and other kinds of traditional products of our gastronomy.

But in this case, cooking marzipan, even at home, is easy and simple. You just have to follow the steps of the recipe and it’s sure that the final result will be more than satisfactory. In fact, it can even be fun.

Dress up as a chef and prepare some delicious marzipan figures to enjoy with your family, friends or even for the individual joy accompanied by a Netflix film.


What is marzipan?

We all know what it is and the shapes of this delicacy, but what is marzipan made from?

This sweet is elaborated from almonds, sugar, and egg. It is very common to consume this sweet as a Christmas appetizer in Spain, whereas in Toledo, hometown of marzipan, it is commonly consumed during the whole year. In fact, it is given the name of “marzipan from Toledo” or “marzipan from Soto”.

Origin from marzipan

The origin of this spectacular sweet is not crystal clear. According to some sources, it comes from the Iberian Peninsula, concretely from the Latin martius panis, the famous March bread. Whereas the Real Academia Española associates it to the Hispanic Arabian, which comes from Greek: pasamadión, a sponge cake made with dough and bread.

The origin of marzipan may be unclear, but what is true is that it is one of the most desired and demanded Christmas sweets in Spain.

How to cook marzipan: easy, simple, and funny recipe

Cooking marzipan can become fun. The key is to buckle down, to be enthusiastic and to enjoy cooking the typical Spanish baking.

Firstly, we have to take into account the amount of ingredients we need: raw and peeled almond and sugar in equal parts. Both ingredients are mixed and crushed until you get a dough which is uniform in texture, which means that it doesn’t have any lumps.

Once we have the perfectly crushed dough, we leave it rest and we give it any shape that we want. Usually, it is elaborated in the shape of marzipan figures which are typical in Christmas. But you are free to choose. You can put them in envelopes with shapes, or you can decorate all the marzipan figures with icing sugar or other ingredients.

It is baked at 180ºC for some minutes and, finally, we will have a spectacular sweet which will captivate any palate.

Marzipans available at Gastronomic Spain

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Marzipan figures (1880, La Vicaría and Doña Jimena)

The marzipan figures are the paramount sweet in the centrepieces of Christmas tables. These figures are small, and they have the typical shapes of this important dates.

You have 3 different brands available so you can enjoy this Christmas:

Turrones 1880

La Vicaría

Doña Jimena

Marzipan from Soto

The marzipan from Soto is other of the related products that you will find in the online shop. Marzipan from Soto is a variety of the traditional marzipan, explained above. It counts on a Designation of Quality from La Rioja since 1989 and its elaboration is made, mainly, in the municipality of Soto en Cameros (Spain).

Bread from Cádiz

The bread from Cádiz is a dough from marzipan but stuffed with jam. This sweet is also typical during Christmas times, especially in the gastronomy from Cádiz. It is a delicious dough with frosty fruits inside, also known as fruits nougat.

Other typical Christmas dishes which you will find in the online shop

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