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What ham holder to buy? This is undoubtedly the first question asked by anyone who wants to start cutting ham with a knife. For those who do not know what “ham holder” means, I will begin by pointing out that it is the support to place and hold the ham, in order to proceed with cutting it with a knife. If you want to know the different ham holders, you can see them here.

The answer could be simple, but if there is something we are left with in current times, it is in the variety of ham holders on offer and in the number of different models available, so I am going to start with an analysis of the characteristics of the different types. more common, highlighting what for me may constitute advantages and / or disadvantages and thus help readers to make the most appropriate decision to their tastes and preferences.

Different types of ham holder

When buying a ham holder, we can find an infinite number of ham holders. We have to differentiate between the type of fixation that the ham cutter has, the position of the ham on the ham holder or the materials that make them up. We will choose between these three characteristics according to our needs, to cut Serrano ham in a comfortable way and with a good position.

Ham holder according to its setting:

In this section we are going to take into account how the cured ham is fastened to the support, but also how the ham table is fastened to the table.

Fixing the ham holder to the table

The ham table is one that consists of its anchorage to the counter or to the work table, in such a way that its lack of mobility or displacement is guaranteed, which allows the application of a greater force in cutting tasks, without moving the ham holder. The most common anchoring system is a pressure screw or clamp, similar to a jack or sergeant, which is tightened on the edge of the counter and rigidly fixed to it. This type of horizontal ham holder holds the ham by means of nails, so to turn it you have to remove the fasteners.

The mobile ham holder really lacks fixation, and is actually a system for supporting the kitchen utensil on the counter or work table, which allows it to be moved from one place to another. This system usually consists of a wooden, metallic or plastic base or platform on which the ham holder rests. A mobile one can also be converted into a fixed one by fixing its base to the counter with screws.

For professionals who also tend to have more space dedicated to cutting work and permanently, the fixed anchoring system is more convenient.

ham holder

However, for individuals and amateurs, who carry out this work at home, with greater space limitations and above all, with the need for multiple use of that space that requires being able to easily move the ham holder to carry out other tasks, it is more convenient the mobile.

Of course, we must choose a ham holder with a support base large enough to guarantee its stability when overturning and with rubber blocks or another system under the base, which makes it non-slip on any surface.

I will focus mainly on the mobile type, as this article is aimed preferably at amateurs and not professionals.

Fixing the ham to the ham holder

More important is how the ham will be attached to the support, since that will give the ham cutter greater comfort. In this case there are two types of ham holders. The rotating ham holder and the traditional ham holder.

The rotating ham holder is a type of ham table that has a fixing on the hoof that allows the ham to be turned over without having to pick up the ham with the hands. It is a professional ham holder, many times we find a tilting ham holder, since it also allows changing the degree of inclination to facilitate cutting. It is usually a more expensive ham holder, ideal for the professional ham cutter. It is usually used for Iberian bait hams, acorn-fed ham or gran reserva ham.

On the other hand we have the typical removable ham holder. It is totally rigid making cutting difficult. It is a cheap ham holder, it is usually used to cut Serrano ham occasionally. This ham holder is used to cut cured ham or Serrano ham, since it is usually included as a gift when you buy a ham.

On many occasions it is a folding ham holder. This is beneficial when we want to store it in a cupboard after finishing cutting the ham.

We cannot say which is the best ham holder, since one has some advantages and a rotating ham holder has others. However, the tilting ham holder is usually a professional ham holder, as it adapts to the ham cutter.

Vertical ham holder or traditional ham holder

One of the factors that will most determine the way to cut ham is how we are going to cut the ham. There are different styles of ham cutting, among which we distinguish 2 ways, with the vertical ham or with the horizontal ham.

You cannot say which of the 2 ways is correct, both are fine, what you have to take into account is comfort and what is easier for you. In the vertical ham holder, we will cut the ham from bottom to top. While in the horizontal ham holder, we will cut the ham from the outside to the inside.

Ham support according to the construction materials

When choosing the materials from which it is made, it is convenient to take into account some aspects such as durability, ease of cleaning, adaptability to work and of course also aesthetics.

First of all, point out that the most common materials in the construction of ham holders are: afinox ham holder, stainless steel ham holder, wooden ham holder and plastic ham holder.

Starting with durability, the most durable material in good condition is undoubtedly stainless steel, due to its resistance to oxidation and grease, followed by wood and plastic, although the latter is usually used only for the manufacture of some support bases and some small parts. The painted steel pieces that make up some pieces in some ham holders are the most delicate in their durability due to the possibility of oxidation due to the salt present in the hams. Here you can see some examples.

material holder

In terms of ease of cleaning, the most and best cleaning material is usually the stainless steel ham holder, although its construction tends to have more nooks and crannies that are difficult to access, which make cleaning somewhat difficult. Wood is also easy to clean compared to its material, if it is not left for long periods dirty with grease and usually has fewer nooks and crannies that make cleaning difficult.

How to place the ham in the ham holder:

Many people wonder how to place the ham in a ham holder, it is very simple. When starting a ham, the flat part of the pig’s hoof has to face the support. In this way, the ham mace will be exposed, that is, closer to us. It is the juiciest part. At the time of starting to cut the ham. First of all, we must take into account if we are going to consume it all in one afternoon or on the contrary we are going to eat it little by little throughout the days. If it is going to be eaten suddenly, it is best to peel the whole ham, as this will facilitate the cut. On the contrary, if we are going to eat it little by little, it is better to peel the part that we are going to eat and reserve the crust to cover the ham once we stop cutting.

What to keep in mind when buying a ham holder

Adaptability to work
As for the adaptability to work, this will be marked by the greater or lesser possibility of choosing different positions that facilitate the tasks of cutting and slicing the ham.

It is convenient that the position of the ham can be varied, more or less horizontal or inclined, in order to allow a better and more comfortable cut, so we should choose one that allows these variations and does not have a single position for the ham.

Regarding position changes, those built with metal tend to have a clear advantage over those built with wood, since the latter are usually built with a single possible position, with a different inclination of the cutting plane depending on the models and on the contrary, those of stainless steel, usually present the possibility of modifying the position and inclination with respect to the base and the cutting plane. There are also many models that combine wood with stainless steel and in these cases the possibility of modifying the position of the ham is reduced or eliminated.

Aesthetic characteristics
This is not a fundamental property, but it is clear that it also prevails when choosing one or the other model.

As that saying goes, “for tastes, colors” and it is impossible to make any kind of suggestion in this regard, but I can assure you that you can find models with a modern or traditional design, more or less rustic or with futuristic characteristics and each one must choose the model they prefer, although it should be noted that this choice will be closely linked to what is stated in the following section.

The price of the ham holders
The price of the kitchen support fluctuates a lot, being able to find very simple models with a cost of around 20 to 25 euros and much more sophisticated models with prices that can exceed 600 euros.

In general, wooden ham cutters, with a single position and more rustic design, are the cheapest and those made of stainless steel, with the possibility of multiple different positions for the ham and modern design, are usually the most expensive, although they can be found some of the latter for a very reasonable price.

I can tell you little more about this fundamental element when cutting the ham with a knife, but I do think it appropriate to remind you that the proper selection of the ham holder, depending on the way you cut the ham, will depend much the more or less satisfactory result of that cut. At Gastronomic Spain you have all kinds of kitchen utensils for ham at very good prices.

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