The fuet, the sausage that everyone likes

The fuet, the sausage that everyone likes

Within the range of products made from pork, is the Fuet, which is another of the sausages of widespread consumption in Spain and this specifically more consumed in Catalonia because this community is also the one that has more production and tradition.

The denomination of sausage that is applied to Fuet and other products is due to the form of preparation and presentation within a normally pork casing, and with different thicknesses and shapes, which in the case of Fuet is straight, of a thickness of between 2 and 4 cm. and sometimes something flattened.

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Its composition is lean meat and chopped bacon, with salt, spices and sugar, also carrying different additives according to areas and recipes, which makes numerous varieties of Fuet.

The size of the chopped grain is variable, usually medium or fine, this aspect also giving rise to numerous types of Fuet.

The cure is carried out, by the fermentation produced by bacteria that are part of its preparation, which provide the Fuet with greater and better conservation, reinforced by the drying to which the pieces are subjected.

Logically, the existence of this drying for the healing of Fuet makes it necessary in some moments of its production to store it for oreo in cool and slightly humid places.

Finally the pieces are covered with spores of a fungus that will contribute to its conservation by preventing other fungi from reproducing that could damage the product and this coating is what gives it that whitish and floury appearance.

This technique is very old, according to some authors, reaching more than 3000 years old and was widespread throughout the Mediterranean basin, in which the Roman Empire once again contributed greatly to its diffusion.

The fact is that all this technique results in a product of great gastronomic value and much appreciated, inside and outside the areas of more tradition in its elaboration and that extends throughout Europe thanks to tourism.

Its tasting is usually done in its natural state, cut into thin slices, arranged or not on bread and as an appetizer or entree of meals, although the Fuet is also usually part of the huge variety of “stuffing” of our traditional sandwiches and sandwiches .

Its consumption on bread or toast with some variety of cured cheese is also very common, with which it makes a good pairing.

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