Differences between Serrano ham from Teruel and ham from Trevélez

Differences between Serrano ham from Teruel and ham from Trevélez

I think both the Teruel ham and the Trevélez ham do not need presentation. Known in all corners of Spain and that the quality of its respective ham has made its place of origin, Teruel and Trevélez, some places where you eat good ham. Undoubtedly this type of Serrano ham is a good choice for those who are not willing to buy a whole Iberian ham, either for its price or because they are not clarified between the different denominations of origin, breeds and vitolas.

Differences between Serrano ham from Teruel and ham from Trevélez

If both serrano hams are excellent, in this article we will develop the differences and characteristics that each of them has. Although it is true that I am a “Turolense of pure strain” and you can imagine what my preference is, we will develop the article in the most impartial and objective way possible.

  • Certification:

The Serrano Ham from Teruel is certified under the PDO of Teruel (Protected Designation of Origin) a control and guarantee body. While the Serrano ham of Trevélez is protected by the PGP Jamón de Trevélez (Protected Geographical Indication). Teruel hams are certified by a vitola (seal) of white color that guarantees traceability of the pig, also can be identified by the mudejar star engraved on fire in the skin. The Trevélez hams come certified with a blue, red and black vitola according to their weight.

  • Race:

The Serrano ham from Teruel is obtained from the crossing of the breeds, in the female Landrace and Large white and Duroc for the male. While in Trevélez Serrano ham it is obtained only from pigs of the Landrace, Large-White and Duroc-Jersey breeds, or their crosses.

  • Healing:

The process of curing and drying the Serrano ham from Teruel is at least 18 months and a maximum of 36 months. Hams being called 8 seasons (24 – 26 months) the most usual. In the case of Trevélez Serrano ham, the minimum cure is 17 months for blue-label hams (weighing about 7 kg) and a minimum cure of 23 months for black-label hams with a minimum weight of 9 kg .

  • Shape:

The ham of Teruel has a rounded shape keeps the white hoof presented with all the skin although it can be found with a cut in “v”. It is a ham that weighs at least 7 kg, although the usual thing is that weigh between 8 and 8.5 kg a reddish color and sometimes it finds the fat infiltrated. The Trevélez Serrano ham also has a rounded shape and keeps the hoof and bark. Its average weight is about 7.5 kg and its color is reddish and shiny.

  • Taste:

Both hams have a taste very pleasant to taste, although it is true that the ham of Teruel is a more fatty ham. The passage through the mouth of the two Serrano hams is delicious. The high altitude where these hams are cured and the weather make none of these hams need preservatives. At the same time, natural feeds give it a soft and delicate flavor. The infiltrated fat of teruel ham melts slightly.

These are the characteristics of both hams. The two excellent and delicious, although it is true that both are very similar, control of the breed and belonging to a Designation of Origin, make the ham of Teruel slightly higher. In Gastronomic Spain you can find several types of Teruel ham and at a great price.

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