Broken eggs with Teruel ham, a typical and traditional Spanish recipe

It is undeniable that the recipe for broken eggs with Teruel ham is liked by everyone. It is the perfect combination of two of the world’s ideal products: eggs and ham. With this simple, but impressive recipe for eggs with ham, you will leave anyone speechless, even the most refined palates.

Next we are going to detail and indicate the ingredients, utensils and the elaboration process to make the broken eggs with ham. Finally we will tell you a couple of tricks or tips so that these broken eggs with Teruel ham come out great. When it comes to cooking this dish, you can buy the best Teruel ham here.

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. 500 gr of potatoes
. 200 gr of Teruel ham
. 8 fresh eggs
. Olive oil
. Salt
. 2 whole garlic
. 2 cayenne chillies

. 30 cm frying pan
. 20 cm frying pan
. Sharp knife
. Potato peeler
. Ham knife

A very popular recipe that if you are Spanish you have eaten countless times. It is this time we are going to cook it with Serrano ham D.O. of Teruel. A delicious white pork serrano ham, which is considered the best white pork ham. We advise you that if you are going to use this product, buy sliced ham, since to cook it is not necessary to use a ham cut with a knife.

The first thing we are going to do is peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes of about 2 centimeters on each side. Then we are going to wash the potatoes to remove the starch. (This is a very useful trick, since it will facilitate frying by preventing them from sticking and leaving the potato loose when we remove it from the pan).

Once the potatoes are washed, we dry them well with a cloth. They have to be perfectly dry, otherwise the oil will skip when we put them in the pan and we could burn.

We put the pan with a little virgin olive oil. One finger does not have to cover the potatoes, since we are going to fry them slowly. We also add the garlic crushed with the skin and one or two cayenne chillies (depending on whether you want it more or less spicy). Having cut the potatoes thickly, we have to fry them slowly, otherwise they would be raw inside. This process will take around 30 minutes.

While the potatoes are frying, we are going to cut the Serrano ham D.O. Teruel with a knife. You can also use a machine cut Serrano ham. But when cutting the Serrano ham D.O. Teruel at the moment is much better. I personally recommend cutting it into small pieces as it will be easier to eat.

When the potatoes are practically cooked and fried, we are going to remove all the virgin olive oil from the pan. We put the serrano ham that we have cut in the pan. We put the heat to a minimum and let the ham release the fat and integrate with the potatoes.

It’s time to fry the eggs, even if it seems like the easiest task; It is not. It is very important to fry the egg and keep the yolk runny.

We finish the dish, putting the potatoes with ham and the eggs on top. Break the eggs and mix the liquid yolk with the potatoes and the Serrano ham.

. Be careful with the salt. Do not add the salt until the dish is finished. Serrano ham is a salty food, when you fry it with potatoes it will release a lot of salt.
. Frying eggs is not easy. This tip can be very useful to you. Use a small but tall skillet. Put a lot of oil but keep it one or two fingers from the edge. When you open the egg, do not put it directly in the pan, put it in another container and add the egg when the virgin olive oil is hot. We tilt the pan so that there is more olive oil on one side than the other. Add the egg on the side with more oil so that the egg is completely covered. With a fork we mold the egg in such a way that it is in the shape of a sphere, where the egg is fried on the outside and the yolk is completely liquid.
. Eat with bread. If it is from the town much better.

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