Angel hair sweet or pumpkin hair angel, a variety of winter squash

The angel hair sweet, also known as pumpkin hair angel, is a variety of winter squash as this sweet that is so common in Spain is made with pumpkins’ pulp.

In wintertime, this kind of candied fruit is very common. In fact, it is very usual to find angel hair sweet in some Christmas cakes. We can find it, for example, in puff pastries of angel hair sweet or tartes.

You can enjoy this sweet which is perfect for desserts or other recipes that we will show you later, in the online shop of Gastronomic Spain.

angel hair sweet

What is angel hair sweet? Sweet of pumpkin citron

The angel hair sweet is a sweet made with the caramel coated fibres of the pulp of fruit. Normally, fruits such as pumpkin are used. In fact, this dehydrated fruit is a variety of winter squash.

This unravelled and candied winter squash is typical from wintertime, it has a sweeter flavour than summer varieties. In Spain, we typically use pumpkin, but depending on the country or region we are, other fruits such as citron, giant pumpkin or gourd are used.

How to make angel hair sweet

In order to cook this typical Spanish sweet, we have to take into account many factors and the different ingredients we can use:

This pumpkin hair angel is made through the boiling of the pulp of a curcubit in a solution of very concentrated sugar (syrup), until it is unravelled, and it forms thin yellow and golden threads. In this case, citron pumpkin or muskrat is used. Normally, the amount of sugar involved will be the same as the amount of syrup and pumpkin. In other occasions, lemon and cinnamon juice is added to that mixing, so it provides some scent.

The remaining pumpkin hair angel, coming from winter pumpkin, which has thin white and golden threads, is used in confectionary. Tartes and cakes stuffed with this candied citron, or also coiled puff pastry from Mallorca or small pasties stuffed with angel hair sweet. But, no doubt, one of the most typical desserts of our gastronomic culture is the candied pumpkin pastry.

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Recipes with angel hair sweet

The recipes with angel hair sweet are very diverse. From elaborated dishes from high cuisine until typical dishes traditional from Christmas. It is a sweet that can be used in many recipes and which is suitable for every palate, even for the most exquisite.

Rice with angel hair sweet or Arabian rice

The rice with angel hair sweet is one of the simplest and tastiest recipes existing. It is also known as rice with fried noodles or Arabian rice. It is a dish which is traditionally served during Christmas’ and New Year’s dinners, especially in Western countries.

Taking into account that rice is one of the basic products of half of the worldwide population, it is such a delicacy to combine this product with angel hair sweet.

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Pastry of angel hair sweet

The pastries of angel hair sweet are one of the most popular sweets of Spanish gastronomy. This recipe is easy to elaborate, and it’s perfect to accompany a good tea or a coffee after having lunch.

Moreover, this dessert with angel hair sweet is also very typical in Spanish Christmas time.  You can buy it here.

Desserts with winter squash

Actually, an infinity of desserts can be made with this pumpkin hair angel. This sweet is so tasty that, no matter the dessert you make, it will be delicious. For instance: small pasty of angel hair sweet and fried bread rolls, any type of puff pastry such as baked plaits or stuffed enrejados with winter squash, sponge cake with winter squash or manoletes with angel hair sweet. Manoletes are a recipe from Córdoba, a puff pastry in the shape of a stuffed tart.


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