The most typical Spanish sweets of our gastronomy

If there is something that we Spanish are fans of, this is the sweets and desserts offered by our gastronomy. The recipes and elaborations of Spanish sweets that had surrounded us since we were children are infinite. How many cakes can your grandma cook? We will just say there are many.

And we are not only talking about elaborated desserts, but also about traditional sweets, the typical bread roll that you ate when you finished school in the afternoons. These are more than traditional in every Spanish home.

Donettes, filipinos, bollycaos, cookies, huesitos, cakes… I could spend hours naming Spanish sweets which are typical from our Spanish gastronomy, but today in this article we will highlight the most famous ones. Some of them will lead you to your infancy, to those moments chatting with your grandma or to those games in the street with your neighbourhood mates.

Let’s go for them!

Pantera Rosa Bread Roll

The Pantera Rosa bread roll is such a classic among Spanish sweets. This bread roll is part of the great group Bimbo, a Spanish multinational dedicated to confectionery. Among their products and Spanish sweets, we can find Pantera Rosa, a bread roll stuffed with cream with a pink coating.

It is one of the preferred sweets among the youngest and those nostalgic adults that still enjoy sweet flavours. The same happens with Tigretón, but this one is made with chocolate.

pantera rosa - Spanish sweets


In the case of Donettes, they are identified as the sweet stuffed snack in a good mood for the afternoon snack and to share any time with friends.

Chocolate Donettes are mini doughnuts with chocolate flavour which are crunchy in the outside and tender in the inside. No one can resist this chocolate doughnuts called Donettes, it’s what it has to be that good.

In addition to the typical and classical chocolate Donettes, there are also other kinds of Donettes such as rayados (with stripes), TwistEat or Unicorn Squad.

What Donettes has achieved with their brand and their doughnuts squad is something that anyone has got. That’s why these Spanish sweets are so popular in or daily life.



Huesitos, the famous chocolate bars from the brand Valor, are crunchy wafer bars covered by milk chocolate with a 36% cocoa stuff.

Its interior is made of thin wafer layers which merge cocoa, and which are covered by milk chocolate. These small bars are perfect to take a sweet snack.

As well as Huesitos, Chocolates Valor is also the enterprise in charge of the fabrication of Tokke, other bar of crunchy wafer stuffed with chocolate. The difference is that Tokke has a delicious layer of puffed rice covered by the authentic Valor chocolate.

Chocolates Valor is an enterprise of Spanish sweets, so Huesitos and Tokke are also a part of the “sweety squad” of our pantries.

Dinosaurs Biscuits

The Dinosaurs biscuits are very typical in Spain, especially among the youngest. They are one of the Spanish sweets with the higher presence and popularity, as this they are a kind of biscuits in the shape of dinosaurs and so exquisite that they trespass screens.

The Dinosaurs biscuits are made with 65% of cereals and enriched with 7 kinds of vitamins. Perfect for an afternoon snack far from home or to soak in milk.

We are not shocked by them being one of the favourite brands for children among all the other Spanish sweets.


Bollycao is other of the favourite bread rolls among the youngest, but also among those not so young. As their name suggest, Bollycao is a bread roll to eat in a bite.

It is a classic Spanish sweet with a delicious milk bread stuffed with chocolate. It is the perfect substitute of the traditional chocolate sandwich.

Chocolate cane

The chocolate cane is part of the traditional afternoon snacks we took in our villages. This delicious chocolate cane is a puff pastry covered by sugar and with chocolate (16%) stuffed with a spectacular cream.

The same thing happens with chocolate palms or traditional palms. These are very typical Spanish sweets, with their own roots in in Spanish gastronomy.

Do you prefer sweet or salty?

We could say that this is one of the greatest questions among Spanish people and it is because we all like eating, it’s one of our favourite hobbies. But which one is your favourite?

According to the studies, Spanish people prefer salty food over sweet food. 63% in favour of salty and 33% in favour of sweet. But that’s not the question, the question is that we will choose one or another depending on the moment, the company and de circumstances. The emotions, the memories and the places are important external factors when choosing.

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