Everything you didn’t know about sobrasada from Mallorca?

Everything you didn’t know about sobrasada from Mallorca?

Among the many products obtained from pork is the  sobrasada, and within it, on its own merits shown over the centuries, the Sobrasada from Mallorca, typical product of that land, although initially it was not originally from there, but which has known give it some properties and quality that make it stand out from all the others.

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Like most products derived from pork, the objective was to enable the integral use of all the meat of this animal so that, once the slaughter has been carried out, initially in the houses where the pigs were raised for own consumption, They treated their meats in various ways to be able to prolong their consumption over time, avoiding their premature decomposition.

In the case of the Sobrasada from Mallorca, the procedure followed was, and is, the mincing of lean meat together with bacon as fat, in a different grain or particle size according to the areas and different recipes, but in general less than 6 mm

To this chopped mixture salt was added initially and subsequently the paprika, pepper and other different spices were incorporated according to the different recipes.

Once mixed conveniently it is stuffed in guts of different thicknesses, according to types, and allowed to macerate.

It is precisely the different proportion of its components that gives rise to the different recipes, since the proportion of lean meat can range from 30 to 60%, that of bacon from 40 to 70% and the proportion of salt is also variable and spices

In general, the “locals” seem to like them with more consistency and therefore with less fat, which makes their “spread” difficult.

On the contrary, foreigners seem to like their extended consumption on bread or toast and therefore prefer the product with more fat.

The presentation of the product is also very variable and can be purchased in bulk or in bulk, in a tub, stuffed in thin guts (small intestine) or in large intestines (large intestine), receiving different names depending on its presentation but with the presentation common denominator of his name Sobrasada from Mallorca.

The Sobrasada from Mallorca, like many other products derived from pork, is produced in many areas, but it is undoubtedly the good work of the Majorcans that has contributed most to popularize it and the one that has made the Sobrasada from Mallorca worthy of numerous distinctions , the Denomination of origin by the government of Spain and the seal of “geographical indication” by the European authorities.

There are numerous tasty recipes that can be prepared with the Sobrasada de Mallorca, but that is another story and we will tell it another day.

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