La Española Olives: a typical and irresistible appetizer

La Española Olives are fashionable in the gastronomic tapa market. La Española Olives are the typical and irresistible Spanish appetizer. La Española Olives are the typical tapa they take out on the terraces of all bars to accompany the refreshing beer. A tapa that always triumphs. And it is not for less, because La Española Olives are more than delicious.

La Española Olives are the perfect ingredient for the Mediterranean terrace. For this reason, olives have a great variety of different modalities and la Española Olives are not far behind. La Española Olives are positioned as one of the most demanded brands in our country.

We talk a lot about La Española Olives, but little do we know what they really are. In this article we will show you all the characteristics that Olives present, and in this way, you will be an expert in this appetizer so typical of Spanish gastronomy.

What are Olives?

Olives, known in Spanish by either aceitunas or olivas, are the fruit collected from the olive tree, which comes from Greece and Asia Minor.

When we speak of fruit, we refer to the edible part of a plantation or tree, which surrounds the seed. That is why olives are considered fruit, because they perfectly meet this requirement.

Olives have similar developments to that of other fruits, such as peaches or cherries. In addition, we can see pictures of olives on the labelling of some olive oils to specify that they are made under a “fruity flavour”.

The development of the Olives, and also of the Spanish Olives, is between the months of June and October. From this month, until January, they are used for the production of oil, while the special olives for consumption are harvested beforehand and by hand. This way, the fruit itself is not damaged.

Natural olives have a peculiar bitter taste, we would even dare to say a bit unpleasant. For this reason, seasoned olives are very popular in Spain. Its conservation is based on brine, which makes it lose the bitter taste and is flavours it with different ingredients: herbs, lemon, garlic, onion, etc. These ingredients give the perfect touch to be consumed, and thus, to be preserved for longer.

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Olive Oil

The truth is that Mediterranean gastronomy would be very different without olives and olive oil. Basically, olive oil is the juice that is extracted from olives. Olive oil is used as a cooking fat and as a dressing for salads and sauces, since its flavour is very rich and easily recognizable.

Olive oil is a vegetable oil for culinary use. It is obtained from the fruit of the live tree, that is, from olives. Almost a third of the pulp of olives is oil.

That is why the olive oil is extracted through the pressure of the olives. Tasting olive oil is like appreciating the difference in flavour between the different varieties of olives.

Is there a difference between aceitunas and olivas?

Surely on some occasion, on a terrace of a bar, you have ordered an aceituna tapa, and on another occasion an oliva tapa. You have changed the word but as a synonym, to refer to the same food. It sure has happened to you.

You know why? Because there is no difference. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, both words, aceituna and oliva, are the fruit of the olive tree, and therefore it would be wrong to try to differentiate them. The only difference that exists is the origin of each name. Aceituna comes from Arabic, while oliva comes directly from Latin.

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Types of olives in Gastronomic Spain

La Española Olives are a very popular type of lives, and therefore in high demand in Spain. La Española Olives are delicious and are made in the municipality of Alcoi, Alicante. But there are more varieties than La Española Olive and at Gastronomic Spain we are going to show you the great catalogue of Olives that we have for you to enjoy with your family, friends or just to keep for yourself.

Olives stuffed with Anchovy

Without a doubt, some great olives, without counting La Española Olives. Olives stuffed with Anchovy are a classic in our pantry, as well as an essential on any table.

Manzanilla Olives

Manzanilla Olives are also known as green olives and ae produced in Spain. Manzanilla olives have been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries, just like Spanish olives. These Manzanilla olives are the typical ones that are combined in dirty gin or Vodka Martini with extra brine.

Gazpacha Green Olives

Gazpacha Green Olives come from natural plantations in the Sierra of Murcia. It is an exceptional pickle that is made in a natural way. Gazpacha Green Olives are a typical combination with a spicy touch.

Spicy Gordal Olives

Spicy Gordal Olives are also known as the beauty of Spain. It is ideal for lovers of spicy, with hints of vegetables, fine herbs in the style of paprika and dressing.

Pitted Manzanilla Olives

Pitted Manzanilla Olives are ease made product. Thanks to its pitting, you no longer have to worry about the pit. Eat the olive whole and savour the good pleasure of some Pitted Manzanilla Olives from La Fragua.

Cocktail Olives and Pickles

Combine olives and pickles through the perfect cocktail that Gastronomic Spain offers. It is one of the best vermouths you will find in our country, it also has chives and with the flavour of anchovies, they form the perfect combination to accompany a beer.

Black Empeltre Olives

Black Empeltre olives are not a variety of green olives, but when they mature, they darken. Normally, the tonality will depend on the type of ripening of the variety and the specific size. Despite having a different maturation and an extra of aromatic herbs so that the meat acquires its flavour, black olives are also considered table olives, just like Spanish Olives.

Pitted Black Olives

As we have mentioned before, black olives, in this case pitted, are not a variety of olives, but rather they acquire a different ripening process than green olives.

Spanish Olives delivered thanks to Gastronomic Spain.

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